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Dynamis - Buburimu

General Info

  • Dualboxing / Multiboxing is strictly forbidden while a character is in Dynamis. Log out ALL other accounts while you are in Dynamis. It can crash your client and/or bring the server down.
    * Do not one-shot statues. NMs are spawned so pop items are not used. You must attack Statues in order to spawn the necessary NMs to complete Dynamis.
Type CoP Dynamis
Entry Hieroglyphics, Buburimu Peninsula (I-9)
Requirements CoP mission progress beyond 3-5, "Darkness Named"
Initial Time Allotment 60 minutes



Primary Map
Boss/Respawn Map

Time Extensions

Extension Time
Apocalyptic Beast 60 minutes

Total Extensions: 60 minutes


Basic Strategy
  • Alliances camp on the beach area directly west of Mhaura. Mages on the upper edge of the cliff will not be affected by Dragon AoE abilities.
  • (Order optional) Pull and clear Dragon NM Stollenwurm. This removes Apocalyptic Beast's Lodesong ability.
  • (Order optional) Pull and clear Dragon NM Aitvaras. This removes Apocalyptic Beast's Voidsong ability. Alliances should make sure to reapply removed buffs after Aitvaras has been defeated.
  • (Order optional) Pull and clear Dragon NM Tarasca. This removes Apocalyptic Beast's Heavy Stomp ability.
  • (Order optional) Pull and clear Quadav NM Gi'Bhe Fleshfeaster. This removes Apocalyptic Beast's Benediction ability.
  • It is not necessary to clear additional dragons prior to pulling Apocalyptic Beast. The remaining dragons will disappear once Apocalytpic Beast has been defeated.
Boss Strategy
Bub boss.jpg
  • Using the same camp, pull Apocalyptic Beast to the beach area at the bottom of the ramp, staying within casting range of mages at the top of the cliff.
  • Certain abilities will be "removed" from Apocalyptic Beast, varying with the Dragon and Beastman NMs defeated prior to pull. Apocalyptic Beast will "use" them, but there will be no effect.
  • Apocalyptic randomly uses dragon special abilities, and cycles through the two-hour abilities of each job as they are listed in the standard job list (eg., Mighty Strikes => Hundred Fists => Benediction => Manafont, etc.) every 45-75 seconds.
  • Defeat Apocalyptic Beast.

Defeating Apocalyptic Beast grants a 60-minute time extension and a small chance to receive 4 random 100-piece currencies.

General Advice
  • Due to the subjob restriction, players entering Dynamis-Buburimu while the restriction is in effect will automatically lose all buffs applied outside the Heiroglyphics. It is possible to clear the subjob restriction and allow players to enter Dynamis-Buburimu without losing buffs applied outside the zone.
  • Terrain can be used to avoid certain AoE abilities. Use it to your advantage!
  • To take full advantage of limited run time, kill only necessary NMs prior to fighting Apocalyptic Beast. It can be advantageous to have multiple players tracking and pulling NMs to be killed in quick succession.
  • It is not possible for Apocalyptic Beast to have the effects of two job-related abilities simultaneously (ie., it cannot both have Mighty Strikes and Hundred Fists active, Hundred Fists would be used after Mighty Strikes wears off). Apocalyptic Beast begins cycling through job abilities on aggro.
  • Apocalyptic Beast has some resistance to Stun.
  • During Chainspell, Apocalyptic Beast will cast enfeebling -ga spells (eg., Blindga, Paralyga, Bindga,). During Manafont, it will cast series III -ga.

Clearing Nightmare Uragnites:

Bub uragnites.jpg
  • Nightmare Uragnites travel along east-west lines across the beach. Though each Uragnites travels at the same speed, the paths vary in length, thus it is possible to pull them safely without linking as they will not always be aligned with other uragnites on either side.
  • As listed on the map, Nightmare Uragnites spawn either one or two additional uragnites when pulled (two or three total).
  • Spawned Nightmare Uragnites appear along the path the pulled Uragnite travels, not in pre-specified positions. Pullers must be careful not to link additional Uragnites when pulling from the north or south edges back to the alliance.
  • It is easiest to pull the groups of two Uragnites before pulling groups of three. Pulling becomes easier as the lines begin to thin.
  • It is well worth the time waiting for Uragnites to be in a safe position rather than pull hastily and link the entire area. Pull a Nightmare Uragnite as it is approaching and Uragnites on either side are returning to the water.
  • To limit exposure to Poison, Plague, and Gravity, supporting mages should camp on the cliffs while melee and tanks should fight below.
  • After a significant amount of damage, Nightmare Uragnites enter their shell for a random length of time. During this period, they resist all forms of damage and begin to regenerate HP.
  • Nightmare Uragnites use Venom Shell when damaged while it is inside its shell. Melee-heavy alliances face being constantly poisoned and plagued. Be prepared to use lots of Antidotes if necessary.
  • If possible, TP should be saved until a Nightmare Uragnite is outside of its shell for greater potential damage.
  • Nightmare Uragnites can easily be killed by groups of BLMs by coordinating their spell casting to land simultaneously. Early casts will cause the Uragnite to enter its shell, wasting potential damage and triggering Venom Shell when other spells later land. Nightmare Uragnites can be Aspired and Drained while it is in its shell with no resistance penalty.

Zone Item Drops

Relic Armor

Beastmen in Dynamis-Valkurm have a probability of dropping LV71-specific armor.

Relic Armor -1

Nightmare enemies have a probability of dropping a random armor -1 item when defeated:

Relic Accessories
Accessories Nightmare Groups
Valor Cape (PLD)
Bard's Cape (BRD)
Wyrm Belt (DRG)
Melee Cape (MNK)
T. Whiteshell
Nightmare Crab
Nightmare Dhamel
Nightmare Scorpion
Abyss Cape (DRK)
Mirage Mantle (BLU)
Duelist's Belt (RDM) Koga Sarashi (NIN)
1 Byne Bill
Nightmare Crawler
Nightmare Raven
Nightmare Uragnite
Pantin Cape (PUP)
Sorcerer's Belt (BLM)
Scout's Belt (RNG)
Warrior's Stone (WAR)
O. Bronzepiece
Nightmare Bunny
Nightmare Eft
Nightmare Mandragora
Relic +2 Item
General & Synthesis Items


Notorious Monsters
Name Job(s) Spawn Location Notes
Shamblix Rottenheart DRK Goblin Replica 1 Defeat removes Apocalyptic Beast's Blood Weapon ability
Gosspix Blabberlips RDM Goblin Replica 15 Defeat removes Apocalyptic Beast's Chainspell ability
Woodnix Shrillwhistle BST Goblin Replica 23 Defeat removes Apocalyptic Beast's Charm/Familiar ability
Lyncean Juwgneg RNG Warchief Tombstone 45 Defeat removes Apocalyptic Beast's Eagle Eye Shot ability
Hamfist Gukhbuk MNK Warchief Tombstone 55 Defeat removes Apocalyptic Beast's Hundred Fists ability
Flamecaller Zoeqdoq BLM Warchief Tombstone 70 Defeat removes Apocalyptic Beast's Manafont ability
Elvaansticker Bxafraff DRG Warchief Tombstone 80 Defeat removes Apocalyptic Beast's Call Wyvern ability
Qu'Pho Bloodspiller WAR Adamantking Effigy 86 Defeat removes Apocalyptic Beast's Mighty Strikes ability
Gi'Bhe Fleshfeaster WHM Adamantking Effigy 102 Defeat removes Apocalyptic Beast's Benediction ability
Te'Zha Ironclad PLD Adamantking Effigy 113 Defeat removes Apocalyptic Beast's Invincible ability
Va'Rhu Bodysnatcher THF Adamantking Effigy 126 Defeat removes Apocalyptic Beast's Perfect Dodge ability
Koo Rahi the Levinblade SAM Manifest Icon 139 Defeat removes Apocalyptic Beast's Meikyo Shisui ability
Baa Dava the Bibliophage SMN Manifest Icon 150 Defeat removes Apocalyptic Beast's Astral Flow ability
Doo Peku the Fleetfoot NIN Manifest Icon 180 Defeat removes Apocalyptic Beast's Mijin Gakure ability
Ree Nata the Melomanic BRD Manifest Icon 188 Defeat removes Apocalyptic Beast's Soul Voice ability
Stihi Roams north portion of zone Defeat removes Apocalyptic Beast's Flame Breath ability
Vishap Roams south of Mighoya Dunes Defeat removes Apocalyptic Beast's Poison Breath ability
Jurik Roams north of Mighoya Dunes Defeat removes Apocalyptic Beast's Wind Breath ability
Barong Roams south of Outpost Defeat removes Apocalyptic Beast's Chaos Blade ability
Tarasca Roams east of Outpost (mountain perimeter) Defeat removes Apocalyptic Beast's Heavy Stomp ability
Alklha Roams east of Shakhrami Zone Defeat removes Apocalyptic Beast's Body Slam ability
Basilic Roams West of Mighoya Dunes Defeat removes Apocalyptic Beast's Petro Eyes ability
Aitvaras Roams north of Mhaura Defeat removes Apocalyptic Beast's Voidsong ability
Koshchei Roams West of Mhaura Defeat removes Apocalyptic Beast's Thorn Song ability
Stollenwurm Roams east portion of Khoonta Dunes Defeat removes Apocalyptic Beast's Lodesong ability
Apocalyptic Beast All Roams entire zone Zone Boss
Smithy Pitfighter Welldigger Alchemist Shaman Enchanter Armorer Tinkerer
Pathfinder Slime Maestro Ambusher Ronin Hitman Dragontamer Necromancer
Footsoldier Grappler Pillager Amputator Mesmerizer Vexer Trooper Neckchopper
Hawker Hecteyes Bugler Predator Gutslasher Backstabber Impaler Dollmaster
Vindicator Militant Purloiner Constable Thaumaturge Protector Defender Vigilante
Beasttender Scorpion Minstrel Mason Hamamoto Kusa Drakekeeper Undertaker
Skirmsher Sentinel Liberator Priest Prelate Visionary Exemplar Inciter
Ogresoother Crow Chanter Salvager Persecutor Assassin Partisan Oracle


Nightmare Bunny Goblin
  • Dust Cloud - LoS damage, Blind
  • Foot Kick - ST Damage (critical)
  • Whirl Claws - AoE damage (LARGE range, up to 3 shadows, very heavy damage)
  • Wild Carrot - HP Restore (varies with current HP)
  • Bomb Toss - AoE Damage (fire-based)
  • Crispy Candle - LoS Damage (fire-based)
  • Frypan - AoE Damage, Stun
  • Goblin Rush - ST Damage, Knockback
  • Paralysis Shower - LoS Paralyze
  • Smokescreen - LoS Blind
  • Goblin Dice - Randomly one of the following (NMs only)
    • AoE Virus (not Plague)
    • AoE Dispel (removes one effect on players)
    • AoE Poison (-10HP/3s?)
    • AoE Silence and Slow (Slow must be Erased)
    • AoE Sleep
    • AoE Damage (magic-based?)
    • AoE TP Reset
    • AoE Revitalize (players' abilities restored)
    • AoE Restore HP (goblin and enemies within range)
Nightmare Cockatrice Orc
  • Baleful Gaze - LoS Petrify
  • Poison Pick - ST Poison (-5HP/3s)
  • Sound Blast - AoE INT Down (INT-20, diminishes)
  • Sound Vacuum - AoE Mute (~35s, can't remove with Echo Drops/Silena)
  • Aerial Wheel - ST Damage, Stun
  • Arm Block - Defense Boost
  • Battle Dance - AoE Damage, DEX Down
  • Howl - Warcry
  • Shoulder Attack - ST Damage
  • Slam Dunk - ST Damage, Bind
  • Fanatic Dance - AoE Charm, ~1 minute duration (NMs only)
Nightmare Crab Quadav
  • Bubble Curtain - Magic Defense Bonus
  • Bubble Shower - AoE STR Down (STR-15, diminishes)
  • Big Scissors - ST Damage
  • Scissor Guard - Protect
  • Head Butt - ST Damage, Stun
  • Howl - Warcry
  • Shell Bash - ST Damage, Stun
  • Shell Guard - Defense Boost
  • Ore Toss - ST Damage
  • Wrath of Gu'Dha - AoE Damage, Gravity, knockback (NMs only)
Nightmare Crawler Yagudo
  • Cocoon - Defense Bonus
  • Poison Breath - LoS Poison (-5HP/3s)
  • Sticky Thread - LoS Slow (overwrites Haste)
  • Double Kick - ST Damage, Knockback
  • Feather Storm - ST Damage, Poison
  • Howl - Warcry
  • Parry - Defense Boost
  • Sweep - AoE Damage, Stun
  • Doom - ST Doom, removable with Cursna or by defeating the NM before countdown reaches zero (NMs only)
Nightmare Dhalmel Nightmare Eft
  • Berserk - Berserk
  • Cold Stare - LoS Silence
  • Healing Breeze - AoE HP Restore (sizable range, will wake up nearby enemies)
  • Sonic Wave - LoS DEF Down (-?%DEF)
  • Stomping - ST Damage
  • Whistle - AoE AGI Boost (self and surrounding enemies)
  • Geist Wall - AoE Dispelga (1-3 buffs)
  • Numbing Noise - AoE Stun (~5s)
  • Toxic Spit - ST Poison (-20HP/3s)
Nightmare Mandragora Nightmare Raven
  • Dream Flower - AoE Sleep (cannot remove with Poison/Venom)
  • Head Butt - ST Damage (critical?)
  • Leaf Dagger - ST Damage, Poison (-?HP/3s)
  • Scream - AoE MND Down (MND-20, diminishes), Terror (~5s)
  • Wild Oats - ST Damage, VIT Down (-?VIT)
  • Damnation Dive - LoS damage, Stun
  • Blindside Barrage - LoS damage
  • Broadside Barrage - LoS damage
  • Helldive - ST damage
  • Wing Cutter - LoS wind damage (through shadows)
Nightmare Scorpion Nightmare Uragnite
  • Critical Bite - ST Damage (critical)
  • Earthbreaker - AoE damage, Stun (large range)
  • Evasion - Evasion Boost
  • Stasis - ST Paralyze
  • Venom Breath - LoS Poison (-50HP/3s)
  • Venom Sting - ST Poison (-100HP/3s)
  • Venom Storm - AoE Damage, Poison (-20HP/3s)
  • Gas Shell - AoE Poison/Plague (-35HP/3s, -3MP/3s, -5TP/3s)
  • Venom Shell - AoE Poison/Gravity (-35HP/3s)
  • Palsynyxis - ST Paralyze
  • Suctorial Tentacle - ST Bind
Targeting Order
  • SMN > BLM > BST > BST's Pet
  • WAR = THF = RDM = PLD = DRK = BRD = RNG = SAM = DRK > MNK
  • WHM > NIN

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