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Were you looking for Relic Armor or Reforged Relic Armor or Reforged Relic Armor +1 or Artifact Armor or Empyrean Armor?

Relic Armor +2 is a category of armor and garb that is upgraded by trading a number of Forgotten Items to the AF3 Upgrade Moogle in Port Jeuno.

There are two Moogles in Port Jeuno at (H-8). You must talk with the right-hand Moogle about upgrading your Relic Armor to its +2 version (the two Moogles will have names of NPC unless you have the Renamer addon and the HomepointXI renamer file).

The above two Moogles will have names of NPC unless you have the HomepointXI renamer file and the Renamer addon for:

Once you have upgraded an Relic armor piece to the +2 version, your next step is reforging it to the Item Level 109 version!


Warrior's Armor Set +2
Slot Base Item Base +2
Head Warrior's Mask Forgotten Thought x50 Warrior's Mask +2
Body Warrior's Lorica Forgotten Hope x50 Warrior's Lorica +2
Hands Warrior's Mufflers Forgotten Touch x50 Warrior's Mufflers +2
Legs Warrior's Cuisses Forgotten Journey x50 Warrior's Cuisses +2
Feet Warrior's Calligae Forgotten Step x50 Warrior's Calligae +2


Melee Attire Set +2
Slot Base Item Base +2
Head Melee Crown Forgotten Thought x50 Melee Crown +2
Body Melee Cyclas Forgotten Hope x50 Melee Cyclas +2
Hands Melee Gloves Forgotten Touch x50 Melee Gloves +2
Legs Melee Hose Forgotten Journey x50 Melee Hose +2
Feet Melee Gaiters Forgotten Step x50 Melee Gaiters +2

White Mage

Cleric's Attire Set +2
Slot Base Item Base +2
Head Cleric's Cap Forgotten Thought x50 Cleric's Cap +2
Body Cleric's Briault Forgotten Hope x50 Cleric's Briault +2
Hands Cleric's Mitts Forgotten Touch x50 Cleric's Mitts +2
Legs Cleric's Pantaloons Forgotten Journey x50 Cleric's Pantaloons +2
Feet Cleric's Duckbills Forgotten Step x50 Cleric's Duckbills +2

Black Mage

Sorcerer's Attire Set +2
Slot Base Item Base +2
Head Sorcerer's Petasos Forgotten Thought x50 Sorcerer's Petasos +2
Body Sorcerer's Coat Forgotten Hope x50 Sorcerer's Coat +2
Hands Sorcerer's Gloves Forgotten Touch x50 Sorcerer's Gloves +2
Legs Sorcerer's Tonban Forgotten Journey x50 Sorcerer's Tonban +2
Feet Sorcerer's Sabots Forgotten Step x50 Sorcerer's Sabots +2

Red Mage

Duelist's Armor Set +2
Slot Base Item Base +2
Head Duelist's Chapeau Forgotten Thought x50 Duelist's Chapeau +2
Body Duelist's Tabard Forgotten Hope x50 Duelist's Tabard +2
Hands Duelist's Gloves Forgotten Touch x50 Duelist's Gloves +2
Legs Duelist's Tights Forgotten Journey x50 Duelist's Tights +2
Feet Duelist's Boots Forgotten Step x50 Duelist's Boots +2


Assassin's Attire Set +2
Slot Base Item Base +2
Head Assassin's Bonnet Forgotten Thought x50 Assassin's Bonnet +2
Body Assassin's Vest Forgotten Hope x50 Assassin's Vest +2
Hands Assassin's Armlets Forgotten Touch x50 Assassin's Armlets +2
Legs Assassin's Culottes Forgotten Journey x50 Assassin's Culottes +2
Feet Assassin's Poulaines Forgotten Step x50 Assassin's Poulaines +2


Valor Armor Set +2
Slot Base Item Base +2
Head Valor Coronet Forgotten Thought x50 Valor Coronet +2
Body Valor Surcoat Forgotten Hope x50 Valor Surcoat +2
Hands Valor Gauntlets Forgotten Touch x50 Valor Gauntlets +2
Legs Valor Breeches Forgotten Journey x50 Valor Breeches +2
Feet Valor Leggings Forgotten Step x50 Valor Leggings +2

Dark Knight

Abyss Armor Set +2
Slot Base Item Base +2
Head Abyss Burgeonet Forgotten Thought x50 Abyss Burgeonet +2
Body Abyss Cuirass Forgotten Hope x50 Abyss Cuirass +2
Hands Abyss Gauntlets Forgotten Touch x50 Abyss Gauntlets +2
Legs Abyss Flanchard Forgotten Journey x50 Abyss Flanchard +2
Feet Abyss Sollerets Forgotten Step x50 Abyss Sollerets +2


Monster Armor Set +2
Slot Base Item Base +2
Head Monster Helm Forgotten Thought x50 Monster Helm +2
Body Monster Jackcoat Forgotten Hope x50 Monster Jackcoat +2
Hands Monster Gloves Forgotten Touch x50 Monster Gloves +2
Legs Monster Trousers Forgotten Journey x50 Monster Trousers +2
Feet Monster Gaiters Forgotten Step x50 Monster Gaiters +2


Bard's Attire Set +2
Slot Base Item Base +2
Head Bard's Roundlet Forgotten Thought x50 Bard's Roundlet +2
Body Bard's Justaucorps Forgotten Hope x50 Bard's Justaucorps +2
Hands Bard's Cuffs Forgotten Touch x50 Bard's Cuffs +2
Legs Bard's Cannions Forgotten Journey x50 Bard's Cannions +2
Feet Bard's Slippers Forgotten Step x50 Bard's Slippers +2


Scout's Attire Set +2
Slot Base Item Base +2
Head Scout's Beret Forgotten Thought x50 Scout's Beret +2
Body Scout's Jerkin Forgotten Hope x50 Scout's Jerkin +2
Hands Scout's Bracers Forgotten Touch x50 Scout's Bracers +
Legs Scout's Braccae Forgotten Journey x50 Scout's Braccae +2
Feet Scout's Socks Forgotten Step x50 Scout's Socks +2


Saotome Armor Set +2
Slot Base Item Base +2
Head Saotome Kabuto Forgotten Thought x50 Saotome Kabuto +2
Body Saotome Domaru Forgotten Hope x50 Saotome Domaru +2
Hands Saotome Kote Forgotten Touch x50 Saotome Kote +2
Legs Saotome Haidate Forgotten Journey x50 Saotome Haidate +2
Feet Saotome Sune-Ate Forgotten Step x50 Saotome Sune-Ate +2


Koga Garb Set +2
Slot Base Item Base +2
Head Koga Hatsuburi Forgotten Thought x50 Koga Hatsuburi +2
Body Koga Chainmail Forgotten Hope x50 Koga Chainmail +2
Hands Koga Tekko Forgotten Touch x50 Koga Tekko +2
Legs Koga Hakama Forgotten Journey x50 Koga Hakama +2
Feet Koga Kyahan Forgotten Step x50 Koga Kyahan +2


Wyrm Armor Set +2
Slot Base Item Base +2
Head Wyrm Armet Forgotten Thought x50 Wyrm Armet +2
Body Wyrm Mail Forgotten Hope x50 Wyrm Mail +2
Hands Wyrm Finger Gauntlets Forgotten Touch x50 Wyrm Finger Gauntlets +2
Legs Wyrm Brais Forgotten Journey x50 Wyrm Brais +2
Feet Wyrm Greaves Forgotten Step x50 Wyrm Greaves +2


Summoner's Attire Set +2
Slot Base Item Base +2
Head Summoner's Horn Forgotten Thought x50 Summoner's Horn +2
Body Summoner's Doublet Forgotten Hope x50 Summoner's Doublet +2
Hands Summoner's Bracers Forgotten Touch x50 Summoner's Bracers +2
Legs Summoner's Spats Forgotten Journey x50 Summoner's Spats +2
Feet Summoner's Pigaches Forgotten Step x50 Summoner's Pigaches +2

Blue Mage

Mirage Attire Set +2
Slot Base Item Base +2
Head Mirage Keffiyeh Forgotten Thought x50 Mirage Keffiyeh +2
Body Mirage Jubbah Forgotten Hope x50 Mirage Jubbah +2
Hands Mirage Bazubands Forgotten Touch x50 Mirage Bazubands +2
Legs Mirage Shalwar Forgotten Journey x50 Mirage Shalwar +2
Feet Mirage Charuqs Forgotten Step x50 Mirage Charuqs +2


Commodore Attire Set +2
Slot Base Item Base +2
Head Commodore Tricorne Forgotten Thought x50 Commodore's Tricorne +2
Body Commodore Frac Forgotten Hope x50 Commodore Frac +2
Hands Commodore Gants Forgotten Touch x50 Commodore Gants +2
Legs Commodore Culottes Forgotten Journey x50 Commodore Culottes +2
Feet Commodore Bottes Forgotten Step x50 Commodore Bottes +2


Pantin Attire Set +2
Slot Base Item Base +2
Head Pantin Taj Forgotten Thought x50 Pantin Taj +2
Body Pantin Tobe Forgotten Hope x50 Pantin Tobe +2
Hands Pantin Dastanas Forgotten Touch x50 Pantin Dastanas +2
Legs Pantin Churidars Forgotten Journey x50 Pantin Churidars +2
Feet Pantin Babouches Forgotten Step x50 Pantin Babouches +2


Etoile Attire Set +2
Slot Base Item Base +2
Head Etoile Tiara Forgotten Thought x50 Etoile Tiara +2
Body Etoile Casaque Forgotten Hope x50 Etoile Casaque +2
Hands Etoile Bangles Forgotten Touch x50 Etoile Bangles +2
Legs Etoile Tights Forgotten Journey x50 Etoile Tights +2
Feet Etoile Toe Shoes Forgotten Step x50 Etoile Toe Shoes +2


Argute Attire Set +2
Slot Base Item Base +2
Head Argute Mortarboard Forgotten Thought x50 Argute Mortarboard +2
Body Argute Gown Forgotten Hope x50 Argute Gown +2
Hands Argute Bracers Forgotten Touch x50 Argute Bracers +2
Legs Argute Pants Forgotten Journey x50 Argute Pants +2
Feet Argute Loafers Forgotten Step x50 Argute Loafers +2

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