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Relic Weapons are created by obtaining the Lvl.75 relic weapon in Dynamis and built with Dynamis currency and various other items.

Relic Weapons are powerful high-damage and low-delay weapons, though costly to obtain. Once a weapon has been upgraded to the forth and final stage, a unique weapon skill becomes available to the player based on the weapon.

Follow this link for a detailed explanation of how to build the Lvl.75 relic weapon.

This page will show you what is required to upgrade your relic weapon to its Level 119 Afterglow version.

Building your Weapon

Weapon Weapon Skill Weapon Type Job Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4
Spharai Final Heaven Hand-to-Hand MNK Militant Knuckles Dynamis Knuckles Caestus Spharai
Mandau Mercy Stroke Dagger RDM, THF, BRD Malefic Dagger Dynamis Dagger Batardeau Mandau
Excalibur Knights of Round Sword RDM, PLD Glyptic Sword Dynamis Sword Caliburn Excalibur
Ragnarok Scourge Great Sword WAR, PLD, DRK Gilded Blade Dynamis Blade Valhalla Ragnarok
Guttler Onslaught Axe BST Leonine Axe Dynamis Axe Ogre Killer Guttler
Bravura Metatron Torment Great Axe WAR Agonal Bhuj Dynamis Bhuj Abaddon Killer Bravura
Apocalypse Catastrophe Scythe DRK Memento Scythe Dynamis Scythe Bec de Faucon Apocalypse
Gungnir Geirskogul Polearm DRG Hotspur Lance Dynamis Lance Gae Assail Gungnir
Kikoku Blade: Metsu Katana NIN Mimizuku Rogetsu Yoshimitsu Kikoku
Amanomurakumo Tachi: Kaiten Great Katana SAM Hayatemaru Oboromaru Totsukanotsurugi Amanomurakumo
Mjollnir Randgrith Club WHM Battering Maul Dynamis Maul Gullintani Mjollnir
Claustrum Gates of Tartarus Staff BLM, SMN Sage's Staff Dynamis Staff Thyrus Claustrum
Annihilator Coronach Gun RNG Marksman Gun Dynamis Gun Ferdinand Annihilator
Yoichinoyumi Namas Arrow Bow RNG, SAM Wolver Bow Dynamis Bow Futatokoroto Yoichinoyumi
Gjallarhorn ---x--- Instrument BRD Pyrrhic Horn Dynamis Horn Millennium Horn Gjallarhorn
Aegis ---x--- Shield PLD Bulwark Shield Dynamis Shield Ancile Aegis

It should be noted that instead of a weapon skill, both Aegis and Gjallarhorn reward the player in another manner. For further details, follow the links to their individual pages.

Relic Weapon Trials

After completing the fourth stage of building your Relic Weapon, they can be further upgraded through their variants all the way to the Level 119 Afterglow version with Magian Mog TJ.

  • To start a trial, trade your item to the proper Magian Moogle to start the corresponding trial.
    • If you are upgrading to the next tier of trials, you need to trade the item TWICE (once to finish the current trial then once to start the next trial).
  • You can type $trial at any time to check your progress in any custom trials on the server.


  • You may only have one Relic Weapon Trial active any one item at a time.
  • When you take up a Magian Trial, you must perform a specific task a certain number of times in order to complete it.
  • Each trial has specific conditions that must be met before it can be completed. See the flow chart below for what NM's or item is required to upgrade to the next level.
  • Trials involve defeating a number of Notorious Monsters with the item equipped or trading Tanzanite Jewels to Magian Mog TJ.
  • You will not receive credit for trials that involve killing monsters if the monster is defeated while you are out of experience points range.
  • You will receive credit if you are K.O.ed.
  • The weapon must be equipped in order to receive credit.
    • Weapons that are dual wielded in the off-hand will still receive credit for kills.
  • Once a trial has been completed, trade the item to the Magian Moogle to receive the upgraded weapon.


In order to progress to the next level there is a pool of Notorious Monsters you can choose from in order to advance. You can choose to kill any of them, the only requirement is that you kill a total of nine from the appropriate tier. For example if you wanted to upgrade your Mandau, you could kill Mischievous Micholas six times, Dune Widow twice, and Intulo once. You will have sucessfully completed this stage of your Mandau upgrade since the total number of monsters defeated has reached nine.

Level 75
Mischievous Micholas Megalobugard Dune Widow Intulo Keeper of Halidom
Level 85
Adamantoise Behemoth Fafnir
Level 95
Aspidochelone King Behemoth Nidhogg
Level 99
Tanzanite Jewel x50
Level 119 Afterglow*

*It should be noted that there is no Level 119 Afterglow version of the Aegis or the Gjallarhorn. There is only a Level 99 II Afterglow version.

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