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Yoichinoyumi description.png

Yoichinoyumi is a Relic weapon.
There are 5 items that share this name:

Please follow the above links for more information about the item. Yoichinoyumi can be upgraded via Weapon Trials.


Yoichinoyumi (与一の弓), "Yoichi's bow", comes from a Japanese story of the Samurai, Nasu no Yoichi. He was a Lord of the Minamoto clan during the Genpei War against the Taira/Heike. During the shore battle of Yashima, the Taira placed a mystical fan atop one of their warships, and claimed it protected them from ballistic fire and could even divert the arrows back to their enemies; they made a challenge against the Minamoto to try and take it down. Yoichi mounted a horse and entered the waters. Despite the tide, the wavering of his mount, and the teetering of the fan's ship, with a single arrow he was able to shoot and split the fan. Because of the marvelousness of the shot, both sides of the confrontation cheered Yoichi's mastery of archery.

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