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This page hosts all the crafting guides you may need!
All crafts can be leveled (on a single character) to level 110.
If you wish to contribute a guide please send a private message to EpicTaru on the HomepointXI Discord with your guide.


Alchemy Guide by Immortality


Bonecraft Guide by Immortality


Clothcraft Guide by Raelious


Cooking Guide by Immortality


Goldsmithing Guide by Raelious


Leathercrafting Guide by EpicTaru


The Smithing guide(s) below were not created by HomepointXI players. They are provided until a guide specific to HomepointXI is created. These guides may mention items that are not obtainable here on HomepointXI.
Smithing Guide by Byrthnoth (BG-Wiki)
Yuna's Guide to Smithing (Valhalla private server)


Woodworking Guide by Immortality

Crafting Torques

All of the assorted crafting torques are custom drops off various mobs. Click on each torque below to find out what drops which!

If you managed to collect all 8 of of these torques, you can trade all of them to Sueleen in Sealion's Den who will in turn give you a super-spiffy custom torque that has the following stats:

  • All crafts +2
  • Synthesis Success Rate +1%
  • Synthesis Skill Gain Rate +5%
  • "Inventory Space" +7