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Woodworking Guide by Immortality for Skill not Gil

This is a note that all my guides are written for the express intention of obtaining skill with disregard to money spent, if the skill up craft recipe makes money that's a bonus side effect.

That being said you will want advanced synthesis support from the guild in order to control breaks.
This is a requirement until you are within 5 levels of a recipes cap. You will not get skill ups on breaks if you are more than 5 levels from the cap.
Nearly every recipe I'll use comes from ingredients you can get from shops.

You can farm elemental clusters in Sky or in Sea if you have access.


00-03: Lauan Lumber (Wind Crystal + Lauan Log)

03-08: Ash Lumber (Wind Crystal + Ash Log)

08-13: Willow Lumber (Wind Crystal + Willow Log)

13-19: Walnut Lumber (Wind Crystal + Walnut Log)

19-28: Chestnut Lumber (Wind Crystal + Chestnut Log)

28-36: Tarutaru Desk (Earth Crystal + Lauan Lumber x5 + Linen Cloth x2)

36-44: Oak Staff (Wind Crystal + Black Tiger Fang + Oak Lumber)

  • Black Tiger Fangs are purchased from the Bonecraft Guild.

44-47: Rose Wand (Wind Crystal + Black Chocobo Feather + Rosewood Lumber)

  • Black Chocobo feathers are purchased in the Chocobo Stables in the nation currently in first place in the conquest rankings by citezens of that nation ONLY. Just make a mule there give it some gil to buy it for yourself.

47-55: Oak Pole (Wind Crystal + Oak Lumber x2)

55-61: Ebony Lumber (Wind Crystal + Ebony Log)

61-68: Mahogany Pole (Wind Crystal + Mahogany Lumber x2)

68-77: Clothespole (Wind Crystal + Mahogany Lumber)

77-87: Mithran Fishing Rod (Wind Crystal + Rainbow Thread + Rattan Lumber)

  • You need to craft or have the Rainbow Thread (CC 78) crafted for you.

90-101: ( )

101-105: ( )

105-109: Zamzummim Staff (Piece Of Jacaranda Lumber x2 + Daimonic Mandible + Ruby)

  • You're going to have to farm all the materials.
  • Sell to vendor or Bazaar them. They are kind of useless.

108/9-110: Nathushne (Wind Crystal + Healing Staff + Vial Of Belladonna Sap + Kidney Stone)

  • You're going to have to farm all the materials. Hope you have a THF with high Treasure Hunter, You're going to need it as the rates on Kidney stones are abysmal.
  • Bazaar/AH or use yourself.

Test Items

08-10: ( )

18-20: ( )

28-30: ( )

38-40: ( )

48-50: ( )

58-60: ( )

68-70: ( )

78-80: ( )

88-90: ( )

98-100: ( )

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