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All players should read the Server Rules!!!!!

Server Features

  • Level cap 99
  • All Maps and Outposts Unlocked
  • Explorer Moogle for easy transport between the 3 kingdoms, Selbina, Mahura
  • All homepoints and survival guides for easy transportation across the world of Vana'diel
  • EXP 3x Retail
  • Books 2x Retail
  • Combat and crafting skills 9x Retail
  • Small regen/refresh/regain with buff to level 75
  • Over 200 custom NMs geared for 99 players up to Multi-Alliance Mobs
  • 9 custom Abyssea zones with working custom ATMAs for EXP and HNM fun, all geared and balanced for 99 play
  • ALL Blue Magic working
  • Custom Trials and Quests for Salvage armor/Nyzul Armor, item level Artifact/Relic/Empyrean armors and item level Relic/Mythic/Empyrean weapons
  • Custom HKC99NM
  • Moderately buffed food…nothing insane! (but still better than other foods!)
  • Enabled player commands
  • NO LIMIT TO MULTIBOXING except in Dynamis (only single account allowed online while in Dynamis!).
  • Auction House is regularly restocked, but AH Bot also regularly buys items placed for sale and helps to simulate a higher player population

Please also note that HomepointXI is not intended to be an easy mode server. You will be expected to work for what you want as everything is designed to be achievable and thoroughly tested with the amount of players each mob is designed to be killed by.

Server Info

As of 10/09/2018, the server hardware specs are:

  • Dell R710 Chassis (Rack Mountable 2U)
    • 2x Intel Xeon E5649 @2.53GHz each (24 cores total)
    • 16GB RAM (Dual-Channel ECC DDR3)
    • Dell H700 RAID controller running these drives at full 6Gb/sec throughput
      • 1x 500GB SSD (Main Drive)
      • 2x 300GB 10,000rpm SAS Drives in RAID1 array (Backup Drives)
    • Dual 870 watt power supplies (for redundancy)
    • 1GB FiOS Fiber Connection

The server is setup in VMs to separate the parts of the project allowing for easier maintenance on things if one part needs to go down. Those parts being:

  • Game Server
    • These are the game servers for the different dynamics of the game world.
    • The database server
      • This contains the data structure behind the dynamics of the game world.
  • Web Server

The Game Server VM has:

  • 8 virtual processors allocated
  • 8GB RAM allocated
  • 200GB SSD space allocated

The Web Server VM has:

  • 2 virtual processors allocated.
  • 2GB RAM allocated.
  • 150GB SSD space allocated.

There are plans for hardware upgrades in the future as things are needed, mainly RAM is the first planned upgrade if it comes to needing it but at this time it isn't.

With all this fancy server hardware, you should see a major improvements on lag reduction and speed of certain things like the loading the Auction House and such. Results from the AH should now be near instant.

Can I transfer from another server?
Server transfers are currently on hold while HomepointXI settles into its new home. Once the hold has been released, please see the Server Transfer Process guide for instructions on how to export your character and create a character transfer request.

Multi-boxing / dual boxing?

Yes you can run multiple accounts/characters at the same time, except in Dynamis and Limbus areas (this has the potential of crashing the server).

However you need to be aware and you accept full responsibility that you will, at random, run into difficulties doing things like missions and quests while you do this.

  • These are not mistakes in our server's code
    • They are a side effect of the socket, packet, and session handling common to all FFXI private servers.
      • Sometimes some of your characters will not have progress updated while others will
      • Sometimes one of your characters won't get a key item added
      • Sometimes other issues not listed here may occur.
  • This will force you to repeat steps you already did, and/or at the worst, possibly get your progress stuck until a GM can intervene.

Tools to aid you with your multi-character playing include:

Players Online?
How many players are online right now?

Final Fantasy XI Install & Setup

To start playing you will need to install PlayOnline, Final Fantasy XI and the Ashita launcher(Preferred) or Windower (be aware that since most of us at HomepointXI are Ashita folks, we're unlikely to be able to help you with Windower issues. Reach out to Windower themselves via their Support Forums or their Discord for help).

HomepointXI Installation Guide

Ashita System Requirements

Video: Ashita Install Guide

Enhancements known to cause bugs

Enhancements are 3rd party applications/plugins/addons that enhance the gameplay experience of Final Fantasy XI.


Cut Scene Events may freeze when the game is not running at its stock frame per second.
Workaround: set fps back to normal before triggering the CS event you are getting stuck on.

Ashita Addons & Plugins

None yet.

Windower Addons & Plugins

Addon: Pet_Fix

Can prevent pet animations from working


None yet.

New Player Resources

HomepointXI Database Tools

Item Tool: Look up monster drop info, auction history, player bazaars and more.

Character Tool: View character profiles including job levels, crafting levels, current equipment, auction history, bazaar items, and more.

Monster Tool: Search monster database for modified monster levels and hp/mp, item drop rates, respawn information and more.

BCNM Tool: Information on level cap, drop rates, party size and more. (Note: Not all BCNMs are written in the codebase. See the BCNM/KSNM Status page for more info.)

Blue Magic Tool: Find monsters and areas for learning specific Blue Mage Spells.

Auction House Anywhere!

Using the custom command !ah you can access the Auction house from anywhere in game!

Auction House Auto-Buy

Certain items will be automatically purchased for a fixed price by the AH-Bot. For example, when you out level a piece of gear, you can sell it back on the Auction House. As long as the price meets the AH-Bot buy price, it will be bought by AH-Bot automatically. To find the AH-Bot buy price, look at the item's auction history and see how much AH-Bot is buying that particular item for. AH-Bot runs once every 1-2 days or less. You can have more than 7 items for sale at any given time. Note, do not check Sales Status or it will limit your ability to sell more items on the auction. Also note, this is considered a non-exploit-bug that you use at your own risk!

How do I get around?

  • All Outposts are unlocked. Use the Outpost Teleportation NPCs located around Vana'diel to travel quickly.
  • Home Point Teleporting is enabled. After reaching and registering at a Home Point, you can then teleport there from any other Home Point.
    • Note: Favorites list is not currently working.
  • Survival Guide Teleporting is also enabled here. After reaching and registering at a Survival Guide, you can teleport there from any other Survival Guide.
    • Note: Favorites list is not currently working.
  • Use the !tele custom player command.
    • Note: You need to possess the key item for a crag/telepoint in order to be able to use the !tele command.
      • The key items are obtained by examining the gate crystal at crags/telepoints.
  • Use a Warp Ring or a Black Drop to get back to your home point.
  • Use the Express Class Travel NPCs to get from one nation to another. Anywhere you have to use an airship or boat, you'll find one of these!

How do I unlock a job I want to play?

  • The Additional Job Quests page of the HomepointXI wiki explains, step by step, the process to unlock any of the jobs that aren't automatically unlocked when you first started playing here. All of these quests are similar to the quests on the retail FFXI wikis, but any changes specific to this server are also included.

How do I level up?

How do I setup a Cure alt?

  • Cure Please is an approved app for setting up a cure bot. See this video guide for instructions on how to set it up and a link to Cure Please in the description. Set up instructions are also listed below for your convenience:
    1. Download Cureplease
    2. Install in its own folder on your computer
    3. Launch 2 Ashita clients (launch both as administrator), one client for the main account and one client for the secondary (cure alt) account
      • IMPORTANT!!! **Login to each account one at a time**
    4. Launch Cure Please (launch it as administrator)
      • In Cure Please, choose the name of the cure alt account for the Selected PL and then press the SELECT button
      • In Cure Please, choose the name of the main account for the Monitored Player and then press the SELECT button
      • Make sure you un-pause Cure Please after both accounts have been selected!!!
      • Make sure the addon .lua file is placed in the following folder:
        • For ASHITA, the addon file goes in: /addons/CurePlease_addon/
        • For WINDOWER, the addon file goes in: /addons/CurePlease_addon/
    6. Once Cure Please is loaded and the Selected PL and Monitored Player are set, click the Options button and go thru the different tabs to adjust them to your liking. Certain settings need to be checked though, for the PL to function, things to make sure that are set correctly are found on these tabs:
      • Healing tab: Need to make sure that the correct Cure spell tiers are checked and that the thresholds for the cures are set correctly.
      • Enhancing tab: Need to make sure that any buffs that you want the PL to perform are checked as well as the recast timers for those buffs. Take note especially if you want the PL to perform any AOE buff spells (Protectra/Shellra/etc.). You also need to make sure that the PL has the correct buffs checked to perform on themselves.
      • Other Options tab: Make sure that the Minimum amount of MP required to cast spells is set correctly and isn't set higher than the amount of MP that the PL actually has.

Why does my game crash when I try to load Cure Please?

  • If your FFXI sessions crash during the loading/launching of Cure Please, you may need to adjust your computer settings as follows:
    • These instructions are for Windows 10. If you have any other version of Windows, the steps to get to the User Account Control settings may differ but all steps will end at same last step below (Step #5).
    • HomepointXI server does not take any responsibility in any issues that may occur from you not following these steps exactly as shown:
  1. On your keyboard, press the Windows key and the R key (at the same time)
  2. Type in Control Panel and press the Enter key on your keyboard
    • If you are presented with a security validation prompt, complete that and continue
  3. Click on Review your computer's status
  4. Click on Change User Account Control Settings
    • If you are presented with a security validation prompt, complete that and continue
  5. The next screen should have a slider bar on it, and you need to slide the bar down to to the choice that states to not dim your desktop:

Dimming is bad, m' don't be bad, m'kay

How do I find out about weather?


What is different from retail / What is working or not working?

Notorious Monsters

  • Many Notorious Monsters (NMs) have been level adjusted (higher) and can drop custom items. Always check the HomepointXI Monster Tool to look for any modified levels and item drops!

Treasure Hunter

  • Treasure Hunter here and any other private server currently works like old school retail Treasure Hunter. The Treasure Hunter Proc System is not used.

Airships and Boats

  • Trips on airships and boats don't work correctly, it's usually best to avoid usage of them
    • Use homepoints or an alternative method!
      • Usage of homepoints to teleport consumes either conquest points or gil.
        • Conquest points are accrued by successfully defeating monsters while also having Signet.
    • One alternative method is Survival Guides!
      • Usage of survival guides consumes either tabs or gil.
        • Tabs are accrued by successful completion of Field Manual/Grounds Tome pages.
    • Another alternative method is to introduce yourself to one of the Express Class Travel NPCs!
      • An Express Class Travel ticket costs 5000 gil.
    • Another alternative method is to ask another player (that already has access to the destination/that is at the destination) if you can nexus to them and then secure a homepoint/survival guide at/near the destination.


Fishing here is simple and easy to do. As raising your Fishing skill is not currently coded, you start with already having max Fishing skill. In order to catch a fish, all you need to do is reference the retail wikis for fishing locations, types of rods, and types of bait that need to be used in order to capture the fish you are seeking. The fishing minigame will make sure that you are still awake while you are fishing. Don't fall overboard!

Storyline Content (Missions)

  • On private servers, there is a codebase foundation provided by an open-source repository (Dark Star Project or Project Topaz/Topaz Next or LandSandBoat). HomepointXI currently uses the Dark Star Project codebase. These open-source repositories are the foundations of all private servers. From these sources, the back-end (server-side) code is provided for the different content and expansion packs of FFXI on private servers. Each private server uses this codebase and expands on it if/where possible. The status of the mission storylines here at HomepointXI are as follows. The "stopping" point indicates the mission that is unable to be completed. Missions up to the "stopping" point may be completed. Anything that is listed as incomplete may change on a moment's notice as the open-source repository may have the content published at any given time which will/may then eventually be merged into the custom code for this server:
    • Nation (San d'Oria, Bastok, Windurst) Rank storyline missions: Complete
    • Rise of Zilart: Incomplete, stops at Mission 17 (Awakening)
      • The cutscene involving Aldo in Neptune's Spire is not yet coded.
    • Chains of Promathia: Incomplete, stops at Mission 8-4 (Dawn)
      • Storms of Fate (the quest that begins after Dawn) is not yet coded.
    • The Player Command !apocnigh is used to substitute for the rewards normally obtained from the mission Apocalypse Nigh.
    • Treasures of Aht Urhgan: Incomplete, stops at Mission 44 (Nashmeira's Plea)
      • The battlefield battle in Nyzul Isle Staging Point is not yet coded.
      • Seek GM assistance, for manual completion of remainder of missions up to receipt of Eternal Mercenary title, once you are at this point in the storyline.
        • Trust/atma obtainment is not yet implemented.
    • Wings of the Goddess: Incomplete
      • San d'Oria stops at Mission 7 (Purple, the New Black)
        • Interaction with the Reinforced Gateway in La Vaule (S) is not yet coded.
      • Bastok stops at Mission 3 (Cait Sith)
        • Interaction with Gentle Tiger (in sub-quest Light in the Darkness) is not yet coded.
      • Windurst stops at Mission 3 (Cait Sith)
        • Obtainment of 108-Knot Quipu item (in sub-quest Knot Quite There) is not yet coded.
    • Seekers of Adoulin: Incomplete, stops at Mission 1 (Rumors from the West)
      • Interaction with Darcia is not yet coded.
    • Rhapsodies of Vana'diel: Incomplete, stops at Mission 1 (Rhapsodies of Vana'diel)
    • A Crystalline Prophecy: Incomplete, stops at Mission 7 (Those Who Lurk in Shadows (III))
      • The battlefield battle in Qu'Bia Arena is not yet coded.
        • As this battle is not yet coded, you SHOULD NOT choose the Mark of Seed as the reward at the end of Mission 7 (Those Who Lurk in Shadows (II)).
        • Also of note, the issuance of the KeyItem.pngAmber Key is not yet coded but you are still able to progress on past Gatherer of Light (II).
          • Seek GM assistance for issuance of this key item once you are at this point in the storyline.
    • A Shantotto Ascension: Incomplete, stops at Mission 5 (Enemy of the Empire (I))
      • Interaction with Andrause is not yet coded.
    • A Moogle Kupo d'Etat: Incomplete, stops at Mission 6 (An Errand! The Professor's Price)
      • Obtainment of key items from Cardians is not yet coded.
    • Abyssea: Incomplete, stops at Mission 2 (The Truth Beckons)
      • All of the Abyssea zones are enabled here, as well as all of the monsters/NMs of these zones.
      • Abyssea here on HomepointXI is scaled for level 99 end-game content.
    • Voidwatch: Incomplete, stops at Chapter V, Tier II (VW Op. 068: Subterranean Skirmish)
      • Voidwatch here on HomepointXI is scaled for level 99 end-game content.
  • Of special note, here on HomepointXI, ALL battlefield battles are old-school retail capped battles!!! BE PREPARED!!! WELCOME TO THE NOT AN EASY MODE SERVER!!!


  • Trusts do not currently work here. There is currently no ETA for when Trusts may be added here.

Limit Breaks

  • On HomepointXI, you only have one limit break (Genkai) fight, the lvl70 fight against Maat. Once you have beaten this fight, you should then return to Maat to help him bandage his wounds and to unlock your ability to continue leveling all the way to lvl99!
    • Only the original/advanced jobs can do this fight. This fight cannot be done on BLU, PUP, COR, SCH, DNC, GEO, or RUN.
    • Job Testimonial items are one-time use items!!! If you fail the lvl70 fight, you MUST farm another testimony to be able to challenge Maat another time. Be sure to drop the old testimony before farming another.
    • You may wonder what the other 4 limit break quests are used for since they aren't needed for increasing a player's level cap here. Look here to find out what these quests are used for here!

Deleting a Character

  • Character deletions on DSP servers are NOT recommended. Since here on HomepointXI there isn't really a limit as to how many accounts a person may possess, it is very much so recommended that you DO NOT delete a character. Simply just create another account and character on the new account.
    • Any issues that may arise from a player deleting a character are not the responsibility or duty of the administration of HomepointXI to resolve.

Japanese Midnight

Some quests and missions require waiting until Japanese Midnight on retail to complete. For HomepointXI, this means midnight Eastern Standard Time (EST).

EST is used in the winter and EDT in the summer. EDT is ahead of EST by one hour. 11:00 am EST is:

  • 10:00 am Central Standard Time (CST).
  • 9:00 am Mountain Standard Time (MST).
  • 8:00 am Pacific Standard Time (PST).
  • 12:00 am (midnight, the following day) Japan Standard Time (JST).

Use or a similar site for further timezone assistance.

Available jobs

Custom player commands

  • HomepointXI features a plethora of custom commands to enhance your gameplay experience.

Custom food


  • Woodworking, Smithing, Goldsmithing, Clothcraft, Leathercraft, Bonecraft, Alchemy, and Cooking are all available and unrestricted (even on a single character) up to level 110.
  • Synergy is not available, however alternative recipes for some items are listed in the Item Tool.
  • Moghancements and Mega Moglifications for crafting are available, but Moglifications for crafting are not coded atm.
  • All crafting guilds are always open and provide most common materials.
    • Note that some aspects of guilds still use Japanese time and cannot be adjusted. This can cause display problems when turning in guild point items.
    • Also note that due to codebase coding limitations, when you purchase a crafting key item from a guild, that key item will not disappear from the list of purchasable crafting KIs until you close the purchase menu. The game will still allow you to purchase that same crafting key item repeatedly. Doing this will inadvertently expend additional guild points. DO NOT DO THIS, YOU WILL NOT BE COMPENSATED FOR GUILD POINTS LOST DUE TO THIS.
    • See the Crafting Guides section for more information and guides on various crafts.

Neo Dynamis

  • Dynamis here is now Neo Dynamis, which is Dynamis that is scaled for level 90+ players and all bosses/mega bosses are now force pop spawns. Please refer to the Dynamis Guides here on our wiki for information about the items needed to pop the bosses/mega-bosses and how to obtain them.
    • Our Dynamis Guides are pretty much the same as the guides on FFXIclopedia or BG-wiki, but our guides also include information specific to our server.

Classic Vana'diel Ground Kings

  • All of the NQ-version Ground Kings (Behemoth, Fafnir, and Adamantoise) are time spawns. All of the HQ-version Ground Kings (King Behemoth, Nidhogg, and Aspidochelone) are very low chance spawns in place of the NQs, with guaranteed spawns of the HQs after a certain number of spawns of the NQ version (just like the good ol' days of FFXI!!!).
    • There are no force pops because both the NQ and the HQ versions of the Vana'diel Ground Kings all play parts in the Relic Weapon Trials.
      • Note that this also means that the levels of the NQ and HQ versions are boosted.

All jobs Artifact Armor NPC

  • The original Artifact Armor (AF1) for all available jobs can be purchased for 500gil (each set) from the AF Storage NPCs in Lower Jeuno or in a multitude of other locations.

Relic Armor

Empyrean Armor NPCs

The below NPCs can be used to purchase select Empyrean Armor. There is also some Empyrean Armor that may drop from NMs in Abyssea zones. Utilize the Item Tool to discover which NMs drop the Empyrean Armor item you are seeking!

The below NPC can be used to upgrade Empyrean Armor and Empyrean Weapons, as well as upgrading your base-level Relic Armor to the Relic Armor +2 version.

Relic, Mythic, Empyrean Weapons

Limbus information

Abyssea Information

  • Abyssea here on HomepointXI server doesn't require colors (like retail does) to increase drop chances/adjust weaknesses of monsters/etc.
  • Item drop chances are based on Treasure Hunter (so bring a THF!).
    • Key Item obtainment chances are flat percentage based, Treasure Hunter has no effect.
  • Atmas are fully working here on HomepointXI.
    • See the Atma page for more details.
  • Abyssea abyssites of Merit and Furtherance are fully working here on HomepointXI.

Burning Circle Notorious Monsters (BCNM)

  • The list of working and non-working BCNMs and KSNMs can be found here: BCNM/KSNM Status

Zeni Notorious Monsters (ZNM)


Boosted/Custom NMs and Zones

  • Various NMs across the world of FFXI have had their levels increased here on HomepointXI due to those NMs being involved with the upgrading of various pieces of armor/weapons or because they drop items that they normally wouldn't in retail. Even if you don't think an NM in the game has had its level boosted, it's always a very wise choice to utilize the tools that have been made available for you here on HomepointXI. Your life could depend on it!!!
  • Some zones (Abyssea zones and Legion) have been entirely scaled up in level to accommodate for drops from monsters in the zones that are used for the obtainment/upgrading/reforging of armor (Empyrean armor or Legion armor, respectively) as well as for the final stages of AF, Relic, and Empyrean weapons.
  • Due to the volume of level scaling that was done to Abyssea zones, players are unable to access any Abyssea zone until their are level 75 or higher and have unlocked access to Abyssea via the retail process outlined in the retail quest A Journey Begins followed by The Truth Beckons.
    • Please note that even though stated in the above two quests, traverser stones and visitant status aren't needed/used here on HomepointXI at all.
  • As well, content like Voidwatch has also been boosted due to drops, so again, it's ALWAYS a very wise choice to utilize the tools that have been made available for you here on HomepointXI. Your life could depend on it!!!


Halp!!! I can't connect!

  • After logging in with Ashita, Xiloader shows resolving host then immediately shows "closing" and disconnects:
    • If you on Windows 10, check to make sure Direct Play is enabled. Control Panel Programs and Features Turn Windows feature on / off Legacy Components Turn on Direct Play.
    • Your FFXI client may need to be updated. Follow this guide to make sure your FFXI client is up to date.


If, after logging into the game here on HomepointXI, you notice that you can't see the chat that anyone else is saying, that means that you aren't on the client version that the server is version locked on! If you only play here, please look at this page regarding version locking your client!. If you play on other private servers/retail and can't/don't want to version lock your client, you need to look at the Pinned Messages of the #looking-for-help channel of the HomepointXI Discord for the Ashita plugin that you need to use to resolve the chat display issue.

The issues causing the absence of what others are saying is not a private server issue, it is an issue caused by changes that SquareEnix made to FFXI in November 2020, causing all player chat in game, via any method, to not appear. The issues also cause crashes when a player attempts to view various in game menus too. The Version Lock dat pack or the Pinned Messages of the #looking-for-help channel of the HomepointXI Discord direct you to the processes to resolve these issues.

Help, I'm stuck! How do I get unstuck?

  • Login to your user profile and use the Unstuck button under the character.

Help, I became invisible when I used an NPC to teleport me!

This happens because you haven't met the all the requirements needed for the teleporting action to complete. The code currently doesn't check for the requirements until after the displaying of your character is removed. Logging out and then back into the game can resolve this issue, same with zoning from one zone into another.

  • In order to use Horst (located in Port Jeuno at (H-8)) to teleport you to an Abyssean Maw, you must have the 200 Cruor fee as well as be completed with Abyssean Quest The Truth Beckons

How do I change my character email or password?

Login to your user profile and use the account menu, next to Logout (at the top right). From there you can change your email or password for logging into your character.

  • Adding your email to your account is very helpful should you forget your account password.
    • If this is the case, you should complete a Server Issues ticket, please use the title: Account Recovery and complete as many of the required fields in the ticket that are relevant to the issue and that you can remember. Please do not list any identifying information about the account in the ticket!.
      • A server administrator will receive the ticket and reach out to you on Discord ASAP. Your patience is very much appreciated!

Why did my party lose level sync?

  • Level sync can be lost after killing 1 mob if the synced character has not defeated Maat in Shattering Stars, the quest that removes the level 70 cap. Completing this level 70 limit break quest will prevent level sync from being lost in scenarios like this.

Optional steps of quests/missions

The retail wikis (FFXIclopedia and BG-Wiki) are your best sources for anything not listed here on the HomepointXI wiki as being custom. Be that as it may, the retail wikis may indicate that some steps in some quests/missions as optional and do not need to be done in order to complete that part of the quest/mission. On private servers (including here on HomepointXI), all optional parts of all quests/missions are required in order for that quest/mission to be completed. You may need to dig deeper into the revision history of the quest/mission on the retail wiki or you may reach out to other players here on HomepointXI for guidance if you are unsure of a step in a quest/mission you are trying to complete. Look in the answer of the next question for all of your options if you are in need of help.

Something is broken! I have a question! What do I do?

  1. Use our Tools or our Wiki.
  2. Ask the in-game HomepointXI linkshell (this is in your inventory when you first start the game) or ask on our Discord in the #general channel or the #looking-for-help channel. Experienced players can answer many questions more quickly than filing a support ticket.
  3. If you don't receive a response that solves your issue or if you can't find the answer that you seek on our Tools or our wiki, you can file a support ticket:

I'm seeing a System Message about a version mismatch, what do I do?

  • With HomepointXI now being locked to a specific client version, the only reason why you would be seeing this message is because your client version is different from the version that the server itself is using. Depending on when you last performed a file check in POL, your client version may not match the version that HomepointXI server is using. If this is so, and if you want to have the message go away, please follow the procedures on this page for version locking your client version.
    • Use the /ver and !ecv Player Commands to determine your client version and HomepointXI server version (respectively)

My game looks HORRIBLE when it starts, all the characters and visuals are blocky and the graphics seem very low-quality!

Fear not, glance at this guide here: FFXI HD Graphics Guide

Other Issues / Exploits

  • For all issues except server exploits, please first reach out to the server community to see if someone else has previously experienced your issue and is able to assist you. If no one is able to, or if at the direction of a GM, please submit a ticket.
  • For exploits, please attempt to first contact a GM on Discord or in game if they are online or secondly, an Admin. PLEASE DO NOT FILE A TICKET FOR AN EXPLOIT.

Have a question?

If you have a question about something that wasn't already answered by anything in this guide, your resolution steps should be as follows:

  1. Use the Tools on the HomepointXI website (BCNM Tool, Character Tool, Item Tool, Monster Tool, Bluemage Tool).
  2. Use the HomepointXI wiki, noting all the sections the Main Page (especially the far-right Content & Features section) as well as static parts like the Left Sidebar (always located along the left-side of wiki) and the Search Box (always located in upper-right corner of the wiki).
  3. Asking other players in game using the global linkpearl that every player starts out with.
  4. Asking other players on our Discord.
This is what the Left Sidebar looks like:

This is only an image, NOT THE ACTUAL LEFT SIDEBAR!!!

This is what the Search Box looks like:

This is only an image, NOT THE ACTUAL SEARCH BOX!!!

Official Resources

HomepointXI Website

HomepointXI Wiki

HomepointXI Wiki


Many thanks to player Kairo for their contribution towards the creation of this guide. :)

(c) 2002-2006 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved. Title Design by Yoshitaka Amano. FINAL FANTASY, TETRA MASTER and VANA'DIEL are registered trademarks of Square Enix Co., Ltd. SQUARE ENIX, PLAYONLINE and the PlayOnline logo are trademarks of Square Enix Co., Ltd.