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A Few Notes Before We Begin

  • Homepoint crystal teleportation is available, the retail wikis have the lists of locations of the homepoint crystals. You must first examine a homepoint crystal in order to register with it for future use.
  • Outpost (OP) Teleportation is allowed after Level 10. The Outposts available unlock as you level up. Click here for the requirements for outpost teleportation.
  • Survival Guide teleportation is also available, the retail wikis have the lists of locations of the survival guides. Like homepoint crystals, you must examine a survival guide in order to register with it for future use.
    • If you started out in Bastok, register with the Survival Guide in Bastok Mines at (I-9), near the South Gustaberg zone.
    • If you started out in San d'Oria, register with the Survival Guide in Northern San d'Oria at (E-8), near the West Ronfaure zone.
    • If you started out in Windurst, register with the Survival Guide in Port Windurst at (B-5), near the West Sarutabaruta zone.

  • Grab the Telepoint Crystals at the Crags/Telepoints ASAP. These are required for using the !tele Player Command.
    • Example: Examining the Crystal at the Crag of Dem gets you KeyItem.pngDem gate crystal. You can then teleport to the Crag of Dem using the command !tele dem.

  • !shop is your best friend out on the field to sell unwanted items.

  • The Ashita Addon called Nomad is also recommended. This addon allows you to access all of the inventories of your Mog House (type /nomad on to enable Nomad) from anywhere in the field as well as your Delivery Box....just make sure you disable Nomad (type /nomad off) once you are finished. Enabling Nomad places you, in essence, at a Nomad Moogle, meaning that you won't be able to interact with a lot of objects in the game (including mobs that may be trying to harm you).

  • When in a new area for leveling, make sure to read the "book" (the Field Manuals/Grounds Tomes) and setup the pages. The pages, upon successful completion, grant extra XP and credits in the form of Valor Points (aka Tabs), which can be used at the Field Manuals/Grounds Tomes for various services/items.

  • Make sure to always have Signet on (obtain from the gate guards just before you leave your kingdom or from the guards at Outposts as long as your nation controls the outpost) and you use the !regen command in every new leveling area until after level 75. Having Signet on gains you Conquest Points and can also help your kingdom gain influence in the zones you battle in.

  • Once you have enough Conquest Points, buy the following items from the Gate Guards at your kingdom:
    • Chariot Band - 500 Conquest Points
    • Empress Band - 1000 Conquest Points
    • Emperor Band - 2000 Conquest Points
      • Any of the above will boost the amount of experience you gain from defeating mobs but will wear off after a certain amount of extra experience is gained or their duration has passed.
      • All of these have a limited number of uses before they can be refilled (for a fee of 100 Conquest Points for every missing charge) by trading the ring back to the Gate Guard at your kingdom.
    • Warp Ring - 5000 Conquest Points
      • This ring is self-explanatory, has an infinite number of uses and only needs 10 minutes to recharge before it can be used again!

Now the Leveling May Commence!

1-13: Outside the 3 main kingdoms. You'll usually do Page 1 in the book. (Bees for Bastok, Rabbits/Pugils for San d'Oria, and Mandragoras for Windurst)

13-17: Depending on which kingdom you decided to ally yourself with, you have different choices (but Page 1, Bees and Saplings at any of them):

  • Konschtat Highlands for Bastok. Get the Telepoint Crystal for the Crag of Dem here.
  • La Theine Plateau for San d'Oria. Get the Telepoint Crystal for the Crag of Holla here.
  • Tahrongi Canyon for Windurst. Get the Telepoint Crystal for the Crag of Mea here.
    • Obtaining the above Telepoint Crystals allows for the usage of the commands !tele dem, !tele holla, and !tele mea (respectively).

17-34: Valkurm Dunes, Page 1 for Lizards and Rabbit. A good camp is on the way to Secret Beach. You can OP warp to the Zulkheim region if you have enough Conquest Points/gil, grab the Survival Guide at the outpost while you are there.

  • At level 18, you can head into Selbina and grab the homepoint there as well as the quest (Elder Memories) to unlock your subjob. The items needed for the subjob quest are farmed off mobs out in Valkurm Dunes.
  • At level 20, switch to Page 5 for members of the leech family and members of the goblin family. This page will last you to level 34.
    • If you aren't having any luck in Valurm Dunes obtaining the Magiked Skull item needed for the aforementioned subjob unlock quest in Selbina, you can head to Gusgen Mines at level 26 and do Page 1 for members of the skeleton family. The entrance to Gusgen Mines is a short run to the east from the Crag of Dem in Konschtat Highlands (!tele dem). Grab the Survival Guide at the beginning of Gusgen Mines while you are in there.
  • At level 20, you are able to obtain your KeyItem.pngChocobo license after completing the quest Chocobo's Wounds from Brutus in the chocobo stables area of Upper Jeuno at (G-7).
    • This quest needs to be completed before you are able to start the quest Full Speed Ahead! from Mapitoto, who is across from Brutus.

30-53: Upper Delkfutt's Tower, Another option if you don't like moving from camp to camp. Do the the pages for Gigas.

32-37: Qufim Island, Page 1 for Crabs and Pugils. OP Warp to Qufim Island. Grab the Home Point here as well if you haven't. Also grab the Survival Guide at the Outpost while you are there. You can also step inside Lower Delkfutt's Tower and grab the Survival Guide for there not far from the entrance of the zone.

34-57: Crawlers' Nest, Page 1 for Crawlers and Wasps. Run south from Jeuno or OP Warp to Derfland region and zone north into Rolanberry Fields. Grab the Survival Guide at the beginning of Crawlers' Nest.

57-67: Still in Crawlers' Nest, switch to Page 4 for Exorays and Hornflies (funguars and dragonflies).

OR, if you tired of Crawlers' Nest, at level 60:

60-69: The Boyahda Tree, Page 3 for Mourioches and Moss Eaters (mandragoras and rabbits). OP Warp to the Li'Telor Region, then South and East to the entrance of The Boyahda Tree. If you are feeling brave and dare to venture to the top of the Tree, you can grab the Homepoint outside of the entrance to the Cloister of Storms.

You're almost to level 70. You must defeat Maat to break the level 70 barrier and unlock the rest of your journey to level 99. If you haven't already, you should probably take a break from leveling at this point and grab a testimony. You should also cap all necessary combat/magic skills in preparation for battling Maat. Click here and read this page for even more necessary details!!!

70-74: Return to The Boyahda Tree, and continue Page 3.

OR if you feel like and sticking around one zone for a LONG LONG TIME:

70-99: Zeruhn Mines Page 4 against bats and worms. PAUSE at 74 if you need a break so you can keep using !regen until you are forced to leave the zone at level 90. Leaving the zone or logging out after level 74 removes this benefit as the !regen can only be activated if your level is less than 75 when usage of the command is attempted. If, for whatever reason, you lose the usage of the !regen command, you can still stick around Zeruhn Mines until you are level 99 or:

89-99: Several options here. Most popular is Abyssea - La Theine or Gustav Tunnel, Page 8 for Pygmytoises and Boulder Eaters (worms). Be warned, all of the mobs in Abyssea - La Theine/the target mobs of Page 8 in Gustav Tunnel are level 100+ so you may want to stick around Zeruhn Mines until the mid-90s unless you know someone who is Level 99 with Item Level Gear, they can get you to 99 in Gustav Tunnel without you doing a thing (powerleveling you basically). If not, stay in Zeruhn Mines.

Once you are level 99, you may wonder now what all there is for you to do. There is an immense amount of content here on HomepointXI that is reserved for the level 99 end game. Read this section of the New Player Guide for an idea of things you can do.

As a beginning level 99 player, with no Item Level armor yet, may also want to complete any/all of the following....in no particular order:

  • Complete your kingdom rank to 10.
  • Complete Rise of the Zilart to Awakening, the current last RotZ mission here.
  • Complete Chains of Promathia to Dawn, the current last CoP mission here.
    • Once you have completed the above 3, you can then also begin the process of obtaining/upgrading/reforging your Artifact/Relic armor to Item Level 109.

as well, you can also:

  • Complete Treasures of Aht Urhgan to Eternal Mercenary, the current last ToAU mission here.
  • Craft, craft, craft, craft, you can level all crafts (on a single character) to level 110 here.

As mentioned previously, there is an immense amount of other content here on HomepointXI. Read this section of the New Player Guide for an idea of things you can do.


Many thanks to players Aleksandar and Nxnslite for their contributions to this guide!
Please let EpicTaru know if you can think of adjustments/additions that can be added to this guide!

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