Outpost Teleportation Requirements

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If, after selecting the location, you see the teleport animation but your character doesn't teleport and instead turns invisible, that means you do not meet the requirements for the teleport to proceed. The invisibility effect is visual only (not the actual status effect) and will go away when you change zones.

Depending on which nation you are in allegiance with, the below NPCs are used to teleport to any of the outposts on the below list as long as you meet the level and gil/conquest points required:

Nation Teleporters

Bastok San d'Oria Windurst
Conrad Bastok Mines @
Jeanvirgaud Northern San d'Oria @
Rottata Port Windurst @


Outpost Region Outpost Location Minimum Level
Gil / Conquest Points Required
Own Nation Controlled Other Nation / Beastmen Controlled
Ronfaure West Ronfaure @ (G-9) 10 100 300
Zulkheim Valkurm Dunes @ (H-7) 10 100 300
Norvallen Jugner Forest @ (I-8) 15 150 450
Gustaberg North Gustaberg @ (D-10) 10 100 300
Derfland Pashhow Marshlands @ (K-6) 15 150 450
Sarutabaruta West Sarutabaruta @ (H-6) 10 100 300
Kolshushu Buburimu Peninsula @ (E-7) 10 100 300
Aragoneu Meriphataud Mountains @ (E-5) 15 150 450
Fauregandi Beaucedine Glacier @ (H-9) 35 350 1050
Valdeaunia Xarcabard @ (H-9) 40 400 1200
Qufim Qufim Island @ (F-6) 15 150 450
Li'Telor The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah @ (H-9) 25 250 750
Kuzotz Eastern Altepa Desert @ (F-10) 30 300 900
Vollbow Cape Teriggan @ (G-8) 50 500 1500
Elshimo Lowlands Yuhtunga Jungle @ (G-11) 25 250 750
Elshimo Uplands Yhoator Jungle @ (I-8) 35 350 1050
Tu'Lia * Ru'Aun Gardens @ (H-11) 70 500 1500
Tavnazian Archipelago Lufaise Meadows @ (E-8) 30 300 900
* Being able to use the Tulia outpost for teleportation purposes is a custom benefit here. Please be aware that while you may utilize outpost teleportation to Ru'Aun Gardens, unless you also have obtained the KeyItem.pngCerulean Crystal (the reward for completing Rise of the Zilart Mission 14: The Mithra and the Crystal), you won't be able to access Ro'Maeve from Hall of the Gods as the KeyItem.pngCerulean Crystal is needed to pass through the Cermet Gate in Hall of the Gods.
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