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Legion is a battle system that takes place in Maquette Abdhaljs-Legion which pits groups of players against waves of HNMs from around Vana'diel.


Legion is an alliance-scale event designed for level 99 players. Players of any level are able to access the halls of Legion but only players of level 99 stand a fighting chance of surviving the encounters that await them within!

Groups ranging from one to 36 characters is heavily advised as minimum entry level. Higher-level Halls = Harder mobs = more characters or more characters with endgame-level armor suggested/recommended. Of course, higher-level Halls also equals higher drop chances.

Titles associated with hall clears are granted after defeating the "boss" of each area. The titles increase the type of items purchasable with Saarlan.

  • Hall of An: Lofty Harpeia (Subjugator of the Lofty)
  • Hall of Ki: Mired Mantis (Subjugator of the Mired)
  • Hall of Im: Soaring Naraka (Subjugator of the Soaring)
  • Hall of Muru: Veiled Ironclad (Subjugator of the Veiled)
  • Hall of Mul: Paramount Botulus or Paramount Gallu (Legendary Legionnaire)

Accessing Legion Lobby

  1. Zone out of Lower Jeuno into Rolanberry Fields.
  2. Move forward towards the exit gate towards Rolanberry Fields.
  3. Against the wall, there are a couple NPCs next to a floating book (Legion Tome).
  4. Completely ignore the NPCs (for now) and talk to the Legion Tome. You will then be teleported to the "lobby" of Legion.
  5. In the lobby, straight ahead is another Legion Tome.

Accessing Legion Halls

Legion is split up into five halls.

If this is your first time in Legion, trade a Fire Cluster and 60K gil to the Legion Tome to be teleported to the first Hall (the Hall of An).

If you are returning to Legion and have a trophy/trophies from your kills in visits prior, you would trade the following trophy and 60K gil to the Legion Tome in the lobby:

  • Lofty Trophy to be sent to the Hall of Ki
  • Mired Trophy to be sent to the Hall of Im
  • Soaring Trophy to be sent to the Hall of Muru
  • Veiled Trophy to be sent to the Hall of Mul
    • Items traded to the Legion Tome will be lost upon trade.
    • The party/alliance of the player that traded items to the book will be immediately teleported to the Hall related to the trophy traded to the Legion Tome.
      • Party/alliance members NOT in the lobby WILL NOT be teleported with the rest of the party/alliance and will lose the ability to participate in the battle.

These halls are not instances, they are open zones. Please be polite to other players and use the /sea command prior to entry to ensure that there isn't already other players in Legion.

Legion Points

Legion Points In addition to the potential direct drops from NMs in the various halls, players will receive Legion Points for each monster defeated. Legion Points are earned upon successful defeat of the different waves/final boss(es) of mobs on each floor.

  • Hall of An
    • First wave = 50 Legion Points
    • Second wave = 100 Legion Points
    • Final boss = 200 Legion Points
  • Hall of Ki
    • First wave = 55 Legion Points
    • Second wave = 110 Legion Points
    • Final boss = 220 Legion Points
  • Hall of Im
    • First wave = 60 Legion Points
    • Second wave = 120 Legion Points
    • Final boss = 240 Legion Points
  • Hall of Muru
    • First wave = 75 Legion Points
    • Second wave = 150 Legion Points
    • Final boss = 300 Legion Points
  • Hall of Mul
    • First wave = 100 Legion Points
    • Second wave = 200 Legion Points
    • Final bosses = 500 Legion Points

Players may use their Legion Points to obtain items from Saarlan (after acquiring the titles listed in the previous section from each of the halls). Legion Points, along with Tanzanite Jewels. are also used to obtain Peacekeepers' Coalition Armor (known here as Legion Armor +1).


Besides trophies, all mobs in all of the Halls have a chance to drop Tanzanite Jewels.

Treasure Hunter DOES have an effect on the drop rate of ALL items in Legion.

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