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Alchemy Guide by Immortality for Skill not Gil

This is a note that all my guides are written for the express intention of obtaining skill with disregard to money spent, if the skill up craft recipe makes money that's a bonus side effect.
That being said you will want advanced synthesis support from the guild in order to control breaks.
This is a requirement until you are within 5 levels of a recipes cap. You will not get skill ups on breaks if you are more than 5 levels from the cap.
Nearly every recipe I'll use comes from ingredients you can get from shops.

You can farm elemental clusters in Sky or in Sea if you have access.


00-06: Tsurara (Ice Crystal + Distilled Water x2 + Rock Salt)

  • Buy the salt and water at Raimbroy’s in Sandy.
  • Turn into toolbags and sell on the AH.

06-12: Poison Dust (Lightning Crystal + Yellow Globe x2)

  • Buy the Yellow Globes from Cehn Teyohngo on the Open sea route to Al Zahbi. Yes you need to get on the boat. You can $tele out

after buying the fish.

  • Save for the next synth.

12-18: Poison Potion (Water Crystal + Mercury + Poison Dust)

  • Either use the dust you just made or buy from guild vendor.
  • This is your guild test item, vendor the rest.

18-24: Silent Oil (Water Crystal, Beeswax x2, Slime Oil)

  • Alchemy guild sells beehive chips, turn these into beeswax. Slime oil: Alchemy Guild Vendor.
  • Sell to vendor.

24-29: Silent Oil (Water Crystal, Beeswax x2, Olive Oil)

  • Same as above buy beehive chips from guild and turn into beeswax. Olive oil can be bought from Raimbroy’s in Sandy. You can skip right to this from Poison Potions and power through if you want.
  • Sell to vendor.

29-40: Firesand (Earth Crystal + Bomb Ash x2 + Sulfur)

  • Materials are all available at the Alchemy Guild Vendor.
  • This is your guild test item, save all the rest for later synths.

40-51: Holy Water (Light Crystal + Distilled Water)

  • Super simple synth with super cheap ingredients. Distilled Water: Raimbroy’s.
  • Save for later synths.

51-57: Quake Grenade (Earth Crystal, Iron Ingot x2, Sulfur, Firesand x2, Bomb Ash x3)

  • Iron Ingot: Smithing Guild vendor, Sulfur, Bomb Ash, and Firesand are all available at the Alchemy Guild Vendor.
  • Sell these on the AH.

57-67: Venom Potion (Water Crystal + Venom Dust + Mercury) : Materials are all available at the Alchemy Guild Vendor.

  • Save for the next synth.

67-75: Venom Bolt Heads (Wind Crystal, Venom Potion, Bronze Ingot, Animal Glue)

  • Use the venom potions you just made, Animal glue from the guild vendor and Bronze ingot's from the Smithing guild.
  • Sell to Vendor or use for Woodworking.

75-83: Ouka Ranman (Earth Crystal + Firesand + Amaryllis + Bast Parchment x2)

  • Firesand: Alchemy Guild, Amaryllis: M&P Market In Upper Jeuno, Bast Parchment: Vuliaie in Norg.
  • Sell to vendor, or go all out and use them all!

83-86: Holy Leather (Light Crystal + Holy Water + Ram Leather)

  • Use the holy water you synthed earlier, Ram leather will need to be crafted with Leathercraft(44).
  • Sell to vendor.

86-94: Marksman's Oil (Water Crystal + Vial Of Slime Juice + Jar Of Goblin Grease)

  • Slime Juice is farmed in Dynamis Bastok, Goblin Grease is farmed in Dynamis Jeuno.
  • Sell to vendor.

94-99: Cantarella (Dark Crystal + Distilled Water + Fresh Orc Liver + Mercury + Paralysis Dust + Venom Dust)

  • You will need to farm the Orc Liver's in Dynamis Sandy. Paralysis Dust: Stinknix in Lower Jeuno, Water: Raimbroy’s, Mercury and Venom Dust are both sold at the Alchemy guild.
  • Sell to vendor. Also used in the Relic Dagger upgrade, so you might be able to sell one to them.

99+ This is a work in progress and will be updated once I find appropriate synth recipes.

Test Items

08-10: Animal Glue (Fire Crystal + Bone Chip x2 + Distilled Water + Rabbit Hide)

  • Buy from guild vendor.

18-20: Poison Potion (Water Crystal + Mercury + Poison Dust)

  • Use what you just crafted.

28-30: Blinding Potion (Water Crystal + Crying Mustard + Poison Flour + Sleepshroom)

  • Either buy from Scamplix in Rabao, or craft yourself.

38-40: Firesand (Earth Crystal + Bomb Ash x2 + Sulfur)

  • Either buy from the guild or use what you just crafted.

48-50: Fire Sword (Earth Crystal + Firesand + Iron Sword + Slime Oil)

  • Buy from AH.

58-60: Hi-Potion (Water Crystal + Distilled Water + Malboro Vine + Sage x2)

  • Buy from AH.

68-70: Acid Kukri (Water Crystal + Animal Glue + Mythril Kukri + Vitriol)

  • Buy from AH.

78-80: X-Potion (Water Crystal + Sage x2 + Hecteyes Eye + Distilled Water + Reishi Mushroom)

  • The Reishi Mushroom you will need to farm from the NM Ellyllon in The Boyahda Tree. Bring some TH as it's a three hour re-spawn at an 11% drop rate.

88-90: Bloody Sword (Dark Crystal + Bastard Sword + Beastman Blood + Revival Tree Root)

  • Buy from AH.

98-100: Saida Ring (Aurora Crystal + Flask Of Holy Water x2 + Bottle Of Hallowed Water x1 + Orichalcum Ring x1)

  • The easiest way to make this test item withought saving up 40k Guild points just to make the Hallowed Water is to buy a Sacred Lance from the AH and desynth it with a lightning crystal. The other materials can be bought from the AH as well. Make sure you use a HQ crystal from $shop 1 to sign it!
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