Dynamis - Bastok

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Dynamis - Bastok

General Info

  • Dualboxing / Multiboxing is strictly forbidden while a character is in Dynamis. Log out ALL other accounts while you are in Dynamis. It can crash your client and/or bring the server down.
  • Do not one-shot statues. NMs are spawned so pop items are not used. You must attack Statues in order to spawn the necessary NMs to complete Dynamis.
Type RoZ Dynamis - City
Entry Trail Markings, Bastok Mines (K-8)
Requirements Vial of Shrouded Sand (key item)
Initial Time Allotment 60 minutes


Primary Map
Boss / Respawn Map

Time Extensions

Extension Time Extension Time
Adamantking Effigy 352 20 minutes Adamantking Effigy 17 10 minutes
Adamantking Effigy 294 20 minutes Vanguard Vindicator (Effigy 17) 10 minutes
Adamantking Effigy 155 20 minutes Vanguard Constable (Effigy 17) 10 minutes
Gu'Nhi Noondozer 30 minutes Gu'Dha Effigy (Zone Boss) 30 minutes

Total Extensions: 2 hours, 30 minutes


Basic Strategy
  • Clear statues in front of Mog House area.
  • Clear statues in front of Chocobo Stables. Silence Vanguard Scorpions.
  • Clear statues at Auction House.
  • Clear statues at South Gate.
  • Clear statues to NM Be'Ebo Tortoisedriver. Silence Vanguard Scorpions.
  • Clear statues on lower level to Alchemy Guild to NMs Gi'Pha Manameister, Gu'Nhi Noondozer
  • (Optional) Clear statues on the upper level of Ore Street.
  • Clear statues to Aa'Nyu Dismantler.
  • Clear statues to Zeruhn Mines, including NM Ze'Vho Fallsplitter.
  • Clear statues to Bastok Markets zone, including NM Ke'Dhe Cannonball.
Boss Strategy
Boss bas.jpg
  • Camp in front of the Auction House, away to avoid respawning statues on the steps, but not close enough to aggro the Effigy Shields.
  • Two Sleepga users sleep the Effigy Shields, while a player with increased movement speed kites Gu'Dha Effigy through previously-cleared areas.
  • Defeat all Effigy Shields.
  • Defeat Gu'Dha Effigy.
  • Defeat accompanying Adamantking Effigy 389.

Defeating Gu'Dha Effigy grants a 30-minute time extension.

General Advice
  • Vanguard's Scorpions cast Breakga often. Make sure they are silenced and slept at all times while fighting other Vanguard.
  • (Smaller groups) It is possible to pull the lower Ore Street area without linking statues on the upper level.

Zone Item Drops

Relic Weapons
Relic Armor
General & Synthesis Items


Notorious Monsters
Name Job(s) Spawn Location Notes
Aa'Nyu Dismantler DRK Adamantking Effigy 119 Defeat required to spawn Gu'Dha Effigy (?)
Be'Ebo Tortoisedriver MNK Bastok Markets zone Defeat required to spawn Gu'Dha Effigy
Gi'Pha Manameister BLM Alchemy Guild Defeat required to spawn Gu'Dha Effigy
Gu'Nhi Noondozer SMN South of Alchemy Guild 30-minute time extension when defeated
Ze'Vho Fallsplitter DRK Zeruhn Mines Zone Defeat required to spawn Gu'Dha Effigy
Gu'Dha Effigy n/a South Gate Zone Boss, 30-minute time extension
Vindicator Militant Purloiner Constable Thaumaturge Protector Defender Vigilante
Beasttender Scorpion Minstrel Mason Hamamoto Kusa Drakekeeper Undertaker


  • Head Butt - ST Damage, Stun
  • Howl - Warcry
  • Shell Bash - ST Damage, Stun
  • Shell Guard - Defense Boost
  • Ore Toss - ST Damage
  • Wrath of Gu'Dha - AoE Damage, Gravity, knockback (NMs and Effigy Shields only)
Targeting Order
  • SMN > BLM > BST > BST's Pet
  • WAR = THF = RDM = PLD = DRK = BRD = RNG = SAM = DRK > MNK
  • WHM > NIN

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