Dynamis - San d'Oria

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Dynamis - San d'Oria

General Info

  • Dualboxing / Multiboxing is strictly forbidden while a character is in Dynamis. Log out ALL other accounts while you are in Dynamis. It can crash your client and/or bring the server down.
  • Do not one-shot statues. NMs are spawned so pop items are not used. You must attack Statues in order to spawn the necessary NMs to complete Dynamis.
Type RoZ Dynamis - City
Entry Trail Markings, Southern San d'Oria (L-5)
Requirements Vial of Shrouded Sand (key item)
Initial Time Allotment 60 minutes


Primary Map
Boss / Respawn Map

Time Extensions

Extension Time Extension Time
Serjeant Tombstone 24 15 minutes Serjeant Tombstone 217 25 minutes
Serjeant Tombstone 28 15 minutes Serjeant Tombstone 243 10 minutes
Serjeant Tombstone 77 25 minutes Voidstreaker Butchnotch 30 minutes
Serjeant Tombstone 175 30 minutes

Total Extensions: 2 hours, 30 minutes


Basic Strategy
  • Clear statues in Lion Square.
  • Clear statues west of Calvary Way.
  • (Order optional): Clear statues east of Calvary Way.
  • Clear statues to Eastgate, including NM Wyrmgnasher Bjakdek.
  • Clear statues along north side of Victory Square. Silence Vanguard's Hecteyes.
  • (Order optional): Clear statues at Auction House.
  • (Order optional): Clear statues leading to Chocobo Stables.
  • Clear statues to Westgate, including NM Reapertongue Gadguok.
  • (Optional): Clear statues to Pikeman's Way. Silence Vanguard's Hecteyes.
  • (Optional): Clear statues to NM Voidstreaker Butchnotch.
  • (Optional): Clear statues to Watchdog Alley.
  • Clear respawned statues in Victory Square.
Boss Strategy
Boss san.jpg
  • Camp in front of the Auction House. Camp should be far enough north from the Auction House to avoid single respawning statue on the top level (501), but far enough south to avoid respawning statues in Victory Square (475-494) after Overlord's Tombstone is defeated.
  • A player with increased movement speed pulls and kites Overlord's Tombstone through previously-cleared areas.
  • Melee alliances sleep and defeat spawned Vanguard Impalers (3 total) and Vanguard Dollmasters (3 total) from Warchief Tombstones 157 and 164.
  • Defeat accompanying NMs Battlechoir Gitchfotch and Soulsender Fugbrag. These NMs may resist sleep (Elemental Seal may be required).
  • Defeat Overlord's Tombstone.

Defeating Overlord's Tombstone does not grant a time extension.

General Advice
  • Fanatic Dance from Orc NMs can be mostly avoided by using a sleep-nuke strategy, rather than allowing players to melee.
  • Melee alliances should move away from the Orc NM being fought to avoid being charmed if accumulated TP from magic damage allows Fanatic Dance to be used before it can be slept again.
  • Vanguard's Hecteyes cast Dispelga often. Hecteyes should be Lullabied and Silenced away from the main alliances while fighting other Vanguard.
  • (Smaller groups) Many of the pulls in this zone are unnecessary to prepare for defeating Overlord's Tombstone.

Zone Item Drops

Relic Weapons
Relic Armor
General & Synthesis Items


Notorious Monsters
Name Job(s) Spawn Location Notes
Wyrmgnasher Bjakdek DRG Warchief Tombstone 87 Eastgate Defeat required to spawn Overlord's Tombstone
Reapertongue Gadguok SMN Warchief Tombstone 246 Westgate Defeat required to spawn Overlord's Tombstone
Voidstreaker Butchnotch NIN Warchief Tombstone 368 Count Caffaule's Manor 30-minute time extension when defeated
Battlechoir Gitchfotch BRD Victory Square Spawns with Overlord's Tombstone
Soulsender Fugbrag BRD Victory Square Spawns with Overlord's Tombstone
Overlord's Tombstone n/a Victory Square Zone Boss
Footsoldier Grappler Pillager Amputator Mesmerizer Vexer Trooper Neckchopper
Hawker Hecteyes Bugler Predator Gutslasher Backstabber Impaler Dollmaster


  • Aerial Wheel - ST Damage, Stun
  • Arm Block - Defense Boost
  • Battle Dance - AoE Damage, DEX Down
  • Howl - Warcry
  • Shoulder Attack - ST Damage
  • Slam Dunk - ST Damage, Bind
  • Fanatic Dance - AoE Charm, ~1 minute duration (NMs only)
Targeting Order
  • SMN > BLM > BST > BST's Pet
  • WAR = THF = RDM = PLD = DRK = BRD = RNG = SAM = DRK > MNK
  • WHM > NIN

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