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Were you looking for Dynamis - Bastok or Dynamis - San d'Oria or Dynamis - Jeuno?

Were you looking for Dynamis - Beaucedine or Dynamis - Xarcabard?

Were you looking for Dynamis - Valkurm or Dynamis - Qufim or Dynamis - Qufim or Dynamis - Buburimu or Dynamis - Tavnazia?

*Dualboxing / Multiboxing is strictly forbidden while a character is in Dynamis.*
*This can crash your client and/or bring the server down.*
*Log out ALL other accounts while you are in Dynamis.*

Type RoZ Dynamis - City
Entry Trail Markings, Windurst Walls (C-12)
Requirements KeyItem.pngVial of Shrouded Sand
Trophy KeyItem.pngHydra Corps Lantern
Initial Time Allotment 60 minutes
Dynamis - Windurst Zone Map
Time Extensions
Extension Time Location Extension Time Location
TE-1 10 minutes (G-13) TE-4 15 minutes (H-3)
TE-2 10 minutes (K-8) TE-5 15 minutes (C-6)
TE-3 10 minutes (K-5)

Total Extensions: 60 minutes


Notorious Monsters

Name Job Location Notable Drops Notes
Haa Pevi the Stentorian SMN (I-11) Divine Bijou
  • Timed spawn
  • Assisted by Vanguard's Avatar
  • Can use Astral Flow and Doom
Loo Hepe the Eyepiercer RDM (K-7) Divine Bijou
  • Timed spawn<
  • Can use Chainspell and Doom
Wuu Qoho the Razorclaw MNK (J-6) Divine Bijou
  • Timed spawn
  • Can use Hundred Fists and Doom
Xoo Kaza the Solemn BLM (K-5) Divine Bijou
  • Timed spawn
  • Can use Manafont and Doom
Avatar Icon Question varies
  • Can cast various black magic spells
  • Defeating it can restore HP, MP or TP
Avatar Idol Question TE-1 - (G-13)
TE-2 - (K-8)
TE-3 - (K-5)
TE-4 - (H-3)
TE-5 - (C-6)
KeyItem.pngCrimson granules of time (+10 min)
KeyItem.pngAzure granules of time (+10 min)
KeyItem.pngAmber granules of time (+10 min)
KeyItem.png Alabaster granules of time (+15 min)
KeyItem.pngObsidian granules of time (+15 min)
  • TE-1 is on the circular part of the bridge
  • TE-2 is at the right side of Shantotto's Manor
  • TE-3 is at the left side of Zonpa-Zippa's Manor
  • TE-4 by the Priming Gate
  • TE-5 is by the Windurst Waters exit
Tzee Xicu Idol Mega Boss (J-14) Fiendish Tome: Chapter 11
  • Forced spawn by trading Divine Bijou to the ??? at (J-14) (near the Windurst Woods exit)
  • Accompanied by Maa Febi the Steadfast and Muu Febi The Steadfast
  • Can cast Death as well as various higher-tier BLM spells
  • Can use Manafont
  • The party/alliance that defeats this mob will receive KeyItem.pngHydra Corps Lantern
Maa Febi the Steadfast PLD (J-14)
Muu Febi the Steadfast PLD (J-14)
Xuu Bhoqa the Enigma SMN
(E-7) Oneiros Ring
Fiendish Tome: Chapter 12
  • Forced spawn by trading an Odious Necklace to the ??? at (E-7)
  • Assisted by Xuu Bhoqa's Avatar
  • Can use Astral Flow, Perfect Dodge and Doom
Fuu Tzapo the Blessed WHM
(E-7) Oneiros Earring
Fiendish Tome: Chapter 13
  • Forced spawn by trading an Odious Feather to the ??? at (E-7)
  • Can use Benediction, Mighty Strikes and Doom
Naa Yixo the Stillrage RDM
(G-3) Mujin Band
Fiendish Tome: Chapter 14
  • Forced spawn by trading an Odious Holy Water to the ??? at (G-3)
  • Can use Chainspell, Meikyo Shisui and Doom
Tee Zaksa the Ceaseless NIN
(H-7) Oneiros Torque
Fiendish Tome: Chapter 15
  • Forced spawn by trading an Odious Quipu to the ??? at (H-7)
  • Can use Mijin Gakure, Invincible and Doom
Arch Overlord Tombstone Arch Mega Boss (I-7/8) Mujin Necklace
Mujin Tanto
Oneiros Headgear
  • Defeating Tzee Xicu Idol does not grant a time extension.
  • The time extension key items can only be obtained once, killing the same TE mob again will not yield another time extension key item.

Normal Monsters

Skirmsher Sentinel Liberator Priest Prelate Visionary Exemplar Inciter
Ogresoother Crow Chanter Salvager Persecutor Assassin Partisan Oracle



  • Double Kick - ST Damage, Knockback
  • Feather Storm - ST Damage, Poison
  • Howl - Warcry
  • Parry - Defense Boost
  • Sweep - AoE Damage, Stun
  • Doom - ST K.O. if countdown reaches zero before status is removed (NMs only)
    • Possibly removed with white magic spell Cursna or by using Holy Water/Hallowed Water

Targeting Order

  • SMN > BLM > BST > BST's Pet
  • WAR = THF = RDM = PLD = DRK = BRD = RNG = SAM = DRK > MNK
  • WHM > NIN

General Advice

  • Normal monsters in Dynamis can be evaded with Sneak and Invisible.
  • Any mob in Dynamis can potentially link with any other mob near it.
  • Vanguard's Crows cast Silencega often. Crows should be Slept/Lullabied and Silenced away from the main alliances while fighting other Vanguard.
  • It is important that the melee alliances keep their distance from the mages sleeping the remaining Vanguard, as AoE moves/spells(e.g., Sweep/-ga spells) can cause mages to die or be otherwise incapacitated, possibly preventing an avatar's Astral Flow from being stopped once sleep wears off.
  • (Smaller groups) Many of the pulls in this zone are unnecessary to prepare for defeating Tzee Xicu Idol.

Zone Item Drops

Relic Weapons

Relic Armor


General & Synthesis Items

Other Resources

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