Dynamis - Beaucedine

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Dynamis - Beaucedine

General Info

  • Dualboxing / Multiboxing is strictly forbidden while a character is in Dynamis. Log out ALL other accounts while you are in Dynamis. It can crash your client and/or bring the server down.
    * Do not one-shot statues. NMs are spawned so pop items are not used. You must attack Statues in order to spawn the necessary NMs to complete Dynamis.
Type RoZ Dynamis - Northlands
Entry Trail Markings, Beaucedine Glacier (F-11)
Requirements Vial of Shrouded Sand (key item)
Hydra Corps Eyeglass (key item, obtained in Dynamis-Bastok)
Hydra Corps Command Scepter (key item, obtained in Dynamis-San d'Oria)
Hydra Corps Lantern (key item, obtained in Dynamis-Windurst)
Hydra Corps Tactical Map (key item, obtained in Dynamis-Jeuno)
Initial Time Allotment 60 minutes


Primary Map

Time Extensions

Extension Time Extension Time
Avatar Icon 28 15 minutes Adamantking Effigy 251 15 minutes
Avatar Icon 62 15 minutes Serjeant Tombstone 302 15 minutes
Goblin Replica 102 15 minutes Serjeant Tombstone 316 15 minutes
Goblin Replica 176 15 minutes Vanguard Eye 381 15 minutes
Adamantking Effigy 234 15 minutes Vanguard Eye 456 15 minutes

Total Extensions: 2 hours, 30 minutes


Basic Strategy
  • Clear statues to first tower (Dagourmarche's tower).
  • Clear statues to the first Yagudo area, including time extension Avatar Icon 62.
  • Move north up the ramp and kill Goblins west, including time extension Goblin Replica 102.
  • Move north past the second tower (Quiebitiel's tower), clearing statues up to Goblin Replica 176.
  • Return south.
  • (Order optional) Clear statues to the Dynamis Statue.
  • Clear statues towards the ramp leading east to the third tower (Goublefaupe's tower).
  • (Order optional) Clear statues to the Dynamis Icon.
  • Clear statues south, including time extension Adamantking Effigy 234.
  • (Order optional) Clear statues to the Dynamis Effigy.
  • Clear statues southwest, including time extension Adamantking Effigy 251.
  • Proceed to statues located west of the fourth tower (Mildaunegeux's tower).
  • Clear statues west, including time extension Serjeant Tombstone 302.
  • Return northeast, towards the coast.
  • Clear statues northeast, including time extension Serjeant Tombstone 316.
  • Clear statues northwest.
  • (Order optional) Clear statues to the Dynamis Tombstone.
  • (Optional by objective) Clear statues at the lake area. If objective is to clear Angra Mainyu, TP should be saved after defeating Goblin NMs. For farming runs, this area can be ignored.
Boss Strategy
Bcd boss.jpg

This strategy requires time sufficient enough to pull away Angra Mainyu's pets a significant distance away from Fei'Yin prior to fighting.

  • Alliances stage in the southwest corner of the area in front of Fei'Yin.
  • One player pulls Angra Mainyu with a NON-DAMAGING spell or ability. Aggroing Angra Mainyu will cause the NM Pukis dragons to spawn.
  • Tanks will need to quickly pull their assigned Pukis away, leading them south up the ramp and generally back towards the start of the zone. Tanks should be prepared with Antidotes to survive Poison Breath (-50HP/3s) while kiting.
  • While no damage is done to Angra Mainyu, it will not attack and casts only enfeebling -ga spells (eg., Sleepga, Silencega, Blindga, etc.)
  • Once the Pukis dragons are a large distance away from Fei'Yin, defeat Angra Mainyu.
  • At regular intervals, Angra Mainyu will teleport around the area in front of Fei'Yin. In order to quickly track it, it is useful to have an avatar constantly attacking it. The avatar will automatically acquire Angra Mainyu's new location after it teleports.
  • Every time Angra Mainyu teleports, hate on the Pukis dragons is lost as they will return to assist it. Tanks will need to consistently make sure their Pukis is following them once alliances have begin to fight Angra Mainu.
  • Angra Mainyu will begin to use Chainspell and Death when its HP is low.
  • Once Angra Mainyu has been killed, Pukis NMs will have a very large aggro range. It is possible to be detected long before a dragon can actually be seen.

Defeating Angra Mainyu does not grant a time extension.

Attestation Strategy
Bcd att.jpg

Spawning the Attestation Hydra NMs is accomplished by killing the Vanguard Eye (479) in the tower furthest northwest in Dynamis-Beaucedine. This is easiest accomplished by taking a small, high-powered group (no more than one party, including support) through the Hydra area for the sole purpose of clearing nothing but the trigger Vanguard Eye. The generally recommended strategy involves training most of the Vanguard Eyes on the path, along with their Hydra, with two intentional wipes prior to arriving at the trigger Vanguard Eye.

  • Alliances clear Vanguard Eye 347 on the ramp leading towards Xarcabard.
  • (Optional) Alliances clear Vanguard Eyes 389 and 392.
  • Train Vanguard Eyes along the white route, stopping at the ramp indicated by Waypoint #1. All members should have Flee (through a job ability or use of an item), and use Poison/Venom Potions to avoid being slept along the way. In addition, all members should have Reraise to be able to continue to progress, in the event something goes wrong.
  • Stop at Waypoint #1 and die.
  • Once medication and Weakness effects have worn off, repeat the process to the area marked as Waypoint #2.
  • Once Weakness wears off, camp east of the tower. One player will need to aggro the Vanguard Eye by proximity and drag the spawning Hydra south. The hourglass can be dropped after pulling the Hydra out of the tower to prevent being KO'd and stranded in the area.
  • Another player must be close enough in range to pull the Vanguard Eye out of the link and bring it back to the remaining group to be killed without initially aggroing the Hydra spawned by the Vanguard Eye. Note: There is a delay between the initial spawn and time Hydra enemies acquire their targets.
  • Once the Vanguard Eye is killed, the Attestation NMs will spawn in their towers, and players can Warp/Teleport or drop their hourglasses and reenter Dynamis to rejoin the other alliances.
General Advice
  • All Vanguard pets (Crows, Hecteyes, Scorpions, Slimes) including Hydras' Hounds (casts Blindga) appear in this zone. Keep them away from the main alliances and consistently slept/lullabied and silenced.
  • Vanguard Eyes have substantially greater HP than their counterparts in Dynamis-Xarcabard (~200-300%). They cannot be easily killed by the minimum number of BLMs required for the same task in Dynamis-Xarcabard.
  • Time extension Vanguard Eye 381 must be first spawned by defeating Vanguard Eye 353.
  • Time extension Vanguard Eye 456 must be first spawned by defeating Vanguard Eyes 432, 435, and 457.
  • Attestation NMs can be easily be pulled from their accompanying Hydra through a sacrifice pull. Proper positioning may be necessary for NMs that can move at a faster rate of speed (Goublefaupe). It may also be necessary to assign several players to pull additional pets when fighting Dagourmarche.

Zone Item Drops

Relic Armor
General & Synthesis Items


Notorious Monsters
Name Job(s) Spawn Location Notes
Xaa Chau the Roctalon MNK Avatar Icon 28
Soo Jopo the Fiendking BST Avatar Icon 44
Hee Mida the Meticulous RNG Avatar Icon 50
Maa Zaua the Wyrmkeeper DRG Avatar Icon 53
Xhoo Fuza the Sublime BRD Avatar Icon 59
Puu Timu the Phantasmal SMN Avatar Icon 62
Foo Peku the Bloodcloak WAR Avatar Icon 66
Bhuu Wjato the Firepool BLM Avatar Icon 84
Caa Xaza the Madpiercer RDM Avatar Icon 87
Ryy Qihi the Idolrobber THF Avatar Icon 344
Knii Hoqo the Bisector SAM Avatar Icon 344
Koo Saxu the Everfast WHM Dynamis Icon
Kuu Xuka the Nimble NIN Dynamis Icon
Guu Waji the Preacher PLD Dynamis Icon
Nee Huxa the Judgmental DRK Dynamis Icon
Droprix Granitepalms MNK Goblin Replica 102
Ascetox Ratgums BLM Goblin Replica 112
Bordox Kittyback THF Goblin Replica 115
Routsix Rubbertendon BST Goblin Replica 137
Whistrix Toadthroat BRD Goblin Replica 141
Swypestix Tigershins NIN Goblin Replica 154
Draklix Scalecrust DRG Goblin Replica 157
Shisox Widebrow SAM Goblin Replica 164
Gibberox Pimplebeak RDM Goblin Replica 176
Brewnix Bittypupils WHM Goblin Replica 338
Tocktix Thinlids DRK Goblin Replica 338
Morblox Chubbychin SMN Dynamis Statue
Moltenox Stubthumbs WAR Dynamis Statue
Slinkix Trufflesniff RNG Dynamis Statue
Ruffbix Jumbolobes PLD Dynamis Statue
Ji'Fhu Infiltrator THF Adamantking Effigy 182
Ta'Hyu Gallanthunter DRK Adamantking Effigy 185
Ji'Khu Towercleaver SAM Adamantking Effigy 198
Go'Tyo Magenapper DRG Adamantking Effigy 209
Mu'Gha Legionkiller PLD Adamantking Effigy 220
Mi'Rhe Whisperblade NIN Adamantking Effigy 225
Nu'Bhi Spiraleye BRD Adamantking Effigy 231
Be'Zhe Keeprazer SMN Adamantking Effigy 234
Na'Hya Floodmaker RDM Adamantking Effigy 251
Gu'Nha Wallstormer WAR Adamantking Effigy 335
Gu'Khu Dukesniper RNG Adamantking Effigy 335
So'Zho Metalbender MNK Dynamis Effigy
Ga'Fho Venomtouch WHM Dynamis Effigy
De'Bho Pyrohand BLM Dynamis Effigy
So'Gho Adderhandler BST Dynamis Effigy
Mithraslaver Debhabob BST Serjeant Tombstone 260
Wraithdancer Gidbnod WHM Serjeant Tombstone 271
Deathcaller Bidfbid SMN Serjeant Tombstone 288
Skinmask Ugghfogg DRK Serjeant Tombstone 299
Heavymail Djidzbad PLD Serjeant Tombstone 302
Taruroaster Biggsjig BLM Serjeant Tombstone 305
Lockbuster Zapdjipp THF Serjeant Tombstone 312
Cobraclaw Buchzvotch MNK Serjeant Tombstone 316
Galkarider Retzpratz RNG Serjeant Tombstone 320
Ultrasonic Zeknajak BRD Serjeant Tombstone 341
Jeunoraider Gepkzip NIN Serjeant Tombstone 341
Drakefeast Wubmfub DRG Dynamis Tombstone
Spinalsucker Galflmall RDM Dynamis Tombstone
Elvaanlopper Grokdok SAM Dynamis Tombstone
Humegutter Adzjbadj WAR Dynamis Tombstone
Dagourmarche BST, DRG, SMN Attestation NM
Goublefaupe PLD, RDM, WAR Attestation NM
Mildaunegeux MNK, NIN, THF Attestation NM
Quiebitiel BLM, BRD, WHM Attestation NM
Velosareon DRK, RNG, SAM Attestation NM
Angra Mainyu RDM Fei'Yin Entrance Zone Boss
Smithy Pitfighter Welldigger Alchemist Shaman Enchanter Armorer Tinkerer
Pathfinder Slime Maestro Ambusher Ronin Hitman Dragontamer Necromancer
Footsoldier Grappler Pillager Amputator Mesmerizer Vexer Trooper Neckchopper
Hawker Hecteyes Bugler Predator Gutslasher Backstabber Impaler Dollmaster
Vindicator Militant Purloiner Constable Thaumaturge Protector Defender Vigilante
Beasttender Scorpion Minstrel Mason Hamamoto Kusa Drakekeeper Undertaker
Skirmsher Sentinel Liberator Priest Prelate Visionary Exemplar Inciter
Ogresoother Crow Chanter Salvager Persecutor Assassin Partisan Oracle
Warrior Monk Thief White Mage Black Mage Red Mage Paladin Dark Knight
Beastmaster Hound Bard Ranger Samurai Ninja Dragoon Summoner


Hydra Orc
  • Aegis Schism - ST Defense Down
  • Barbed Crescent - ST Damage, Accuracy Down
  • Carnal Nightmare - AoE TP Reset
  • Dancing Chains - AoE Drown (-12HP/3s)
  • Dimensional Death - ST Damage
  • Netherspikes - LoS Damage, Bind
  • Foxfire - LoS Damage (1-handed weapon users)
  • Grim Halo - AoE Damage (2-handed weapon users)
  • Shackled Fists - ST Damage (hand-to-hand weapon users)
  • Aerial Wheel - ST Damage, Stun
  • Arm Block - Defense Boost
  • Battle Dance - AoE Damage, DEX Down
  • Howl - Warcry
  • Shoulder Attack - ST Damage
  • Slam Dunk - ST Damage, Bind
  • Fanatic Dance - AoE Charm, ~1 minute duration (NMs only)
Vanguard Eye Quadav
  • Airy Shield - Arrow Shield (temporarily immune to ranged attacks)
  • Binding Wave - AoE Bind
  • Blindeye - ST Damage, Blind
  • Eyes on Me - ST Damage (heavy, dark-based)
  • Hypnosis - LoS Sleep
  • Level 5 Petrify - AoE Petrify (players with levels a multiple of 5)
  • Magic Barrier - Magic Shield (temporarily immune to magic attacks)
  • Mind Break - Max MP Down
  • Head Butt - ST Damage, Stun
  • Howl - Warcry
  • Shell Bash - ST Damage, Stun
  • Shell Guard - Defense Boost
  • Ore Toss - ST Damage
  • Wrath of Gu'Dha - AoE Damage, Gravity, knockback (NMs only)
Goblin Yagudo
  • Bomb Toss - AoE Damage (fire-based)
  • Crispy Candle - LoS Damage (fire-based)
  • Frypan - AoE Damage, Stun
  • Goblin Rush - ST Damage, Knockback
  • Paralysis Shower - LoS Paralyze
  • Smokescreen - LoS Blind
  • Goblin Dice - Randomly one of the following (NMs only)
    • AoE Virus (not Plague)
    • AoE Dispel (removes one effect on players)
    • AoE Poison (-10HP/3s?)
    • AoE Silence and Slow (Slow must be Erased)
    • AoE Sleep
    • AoE Damage (magic-based?)
    • AoE TP Reset
    • AoE Revitalize (players' abilities restored)
    • AoE Restore HP (goblin and enemies within range)
  • Double Kick - ST Damage, Knockback
  • Feather Storm - ST Damage, Poison
  • Howl - Warcry
  • Parry - Defense Boost
  • Sweep - AoE Damage, Stun
  • Doom - ST Doom, removable with Cursna or by defeating the NM before countdown reaches zero (NMs only)
Targeting Order
  • SMN > BLM > BST > BST's Pet
  • WAR = THF = RDM = PLD = DRK = BRD = RNG = SAM = DRK > MNK
  • WHM > NIN

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