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What is a Wonder Notorious Monster?

A Wonder NM or WNM is any NM that never existed in retail and who's name appears as "NPC" unless using either a tool like renamer with HomepointXI's List file or custom client dat mods.

Originally, there were only 7 and these were refereed to as "the 7 wonders" or 7 Naakuals. Teodor and Yumcax are currently not available here. The other 5 are replicas of the original SoA bosses transplanted into original and Zilart areas.

In place of Teodor and Yumcax, Ravenous Cracklaw and Umagrhk have been substituted. The Incredible Jumping Crab is a completely custom wonderful creation from the mind of TeoTwawki, who used to be a developer here on the server.

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