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General Notes
  • Wonder Notorious Monster
  • Normal attacks are one of three types:
    • Bite attack - Single target damage and knockback
    • Scratch attack - Conal damage and knockback
    • Stinger attack - AoE damage and Poison (~50 HP/tick)
  • Mob name will display in-game as NPC unless you have the HomepointXI renamer file and the Renamer addon for:
Type Vermin
Family Bztavian
Class Wonder Notorious Monster


Listings by Zone
Zone Mob Information
  Temple of Uggalepih

Ability Information

  • Mandibular Lashing: Single target damage and Stun
  • Vespine Hurricane: AoE magical damage, Defense Down, and Magic Defense Down
  • Stinger Volley: Conal damage, Curse (Recovery), Paralysis
  • Droning Whirlwind: AoE damage and Dispel
  • Incisive Denouement: Used <50% HP: Single target severe damage and hate reset
  • Incisive Apotheosis: Used <25% HP: Conal severe damage and all attributes down
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