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General Notes
  • Wonder Notorious Monster
  • Normal auto-attacks are one of three types:
    • Bite: Single target physical damage, Defense Down (-20%)
    • Charge: Frontal AoE physical damage, stun, light knockback
    • Spin: AoE physical damage, heavy knockback
  • Can be easily dispelled of spikes and other buffs. Regains them but a couple RDMs can keep him dispelled easily.
  • Mob name will display in-game as NPC unless you have the HomepointXI renamer file and the Renamer addon for:
Type Lizards
Family Gabbrath
Class Wonder Notorious Monster


Listings by Zone
Zone Mob Information
  Attohwa Chasm

Ability Informaton

  • Blistering Roar: AoE damage, Terror, Achuka gains a temporary Attack Down and Burn (33 HP/tick) Aura.
  • Searing Serration: Single target physical damage (4 hits), all stats down.
  • Volcanic Stasis: Conal fire magical damage, Stun, Dispels 4 buffs.
  • Tyrannical Blow: AoE fire magical damage, Plague
  • Batholithic Shell: Achuka gains Blaze Spikes, Stoneskin, Attack Boost, Magic Attack Boost, Haste.
  • Pyroclastic Surge: AoE fire magical damage, Addle.
  • Incinerating Lahar: Only utilized at low HP: AoE magical damage and Weakness (despite the animation, this attack is neither conal nor fire-based).
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