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General Notes
  • Gains access to more powerful (instant KO) TP moves as HP decreases.
  • Does not appear to build resistance to Stun.
  • Normal attacks are chosen from one of three types:
    • Normal: Single target (physical)
    • Normal: Conal (physical)
    • Spins in place: AoE magical damage
  • Mob name will display in-game as NPC unless you have the Renamer addon and the HomepointXI renamer file
Class Wonder Notorious Monster


Listings by Zone
Zone Mob Information
  Valkurm Dunes

Ability Information

  • Protolithic Puncture: Strong single target damage and full hate reset on target.
  • Aquatic Lance: Conal physical damage
  • Pelagic Cleaver: AoE very high physical damage. (300-800 with Ochain)
  • Carcharian Verve: Shield effect, grants Tchakka Attack Boost, Defense Boost, and Magic Defense Boost.
  • Marine Mayhem: 20' AoE KO (deals severe damage if the KO effect misses). KO may be more likely further from the monster. (used infrequently, long charge time)
  • Tidal Guillotine: Used only at lower HP, Single target KO (does 0 damage if the KO effect misses).
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