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Mounts on HomepointXI server are obtained in the same fashion as on retail, the start of which is began by the quest Full Speed Ahead!.

This quest has been shortened here (and only here) on HomepointXI server!

  1. Obtain your KeyItem.pngChocobo license to drive a chocobo thru the quest Chocobo's Wounds.
    • The wait time between feedings of the chocobo have been shorted here on HomepointXI server, you only need to wait one minute between feedings.
  2. Once you have the KeyItem.pngChocobo license, talk to Mapitoto, who is also in the chocobo feeding area, across from where Brutus is.
  3. After talking to Mapitoto and being thrown out to Batallia Downs, all you have to do to complete this quest is ride your raptor across Batallia Downs to the NPC Syrillia at (E-6) and eat the NPC.....ahem, I mean meet and chat with the NPC (this raptor is such a clever girl...), after which you will be returned to Upper Jeuno next to Mapitoto.
  4. Speak to Mapitoto once more to complete the quest and obtain your ability to use mounts.

Currently, the only mounts available on HomepointXI server are the raptor mount and the Fenrir mount.

  • Fenrir mount is obtained thru the same process as on retail.

More mounts are forthcoming.......

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