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General Notes

Getting There

Option A:

  • Use the Mount Zhayolm Staging Point and make the long trek to (G-4) on (Map 1) to enter Halvung.

Option B:

  • Take the Homepoint warp to Mount Zhayolm and zone in to Halvung at (D-9).
  • Take a left at the fork while entering the tunnel before the zone, and head north, not south to enter Halvung.

In Halvung:

  • Once in Halvung, take a left at the fork again. Proceed over the 'bridge' over the lava at (F-8), and through the Cast Bronze Gate (no key required).
  • Keep left and then right through another gate at (G-7), drop down the ledge, and then follow the path to the pop for Dextrose at (J-6).
  • From there hug the left and head east until you drop down a ledge. Head up the hill through the gate, and the ??? for the pop is right in front of you.


It has been debated whether the name Achamōth (Ἀχαμώθ) is originally derived from the Hebrew Chokhmah (חָכְמָ֑ה), in Aramaic Ḥachmūth or whether it signifies 'She that brings forth'—'Mother.' The Syriac form Ḥachmūth is testified for us as used by Bardesanes, the Greek form Hachamōth is found only among the Valentinians: the name however probably belongs to the oldest Syrian Gnosis.

Family Wamoura
Job White Mage
Class Zeni Notorious Monster
Crystal Fire Crystal icon.png Fire Crystal
Detects True Sound


Listings by Zone
Zone Mob Information
     Spawned by trading a Rock Juice to the ??? at (G-4) (Map 1)

Ability Information

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