A Squire's Test II

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A Squire's Test II
Required Fame San d'Oria Fame Level: Unknown
Starting NPC Balasiel, Southern San d'Oria (F-7)
Pack None
Title Spelunker
Repeatable No
Description Journey to the waterfall in Ordelle's Caves, and bring back proof of your visit.
Previous Quest Next Quest
A Squire's Test A Knight's Test
KeyItem.pngSquire certificate


  • Speak to Balasiel to start the quest.
  • From La Theine Plateau (H-7), enter Ordelle's Caves. On the first map, go to (G/H-6) to the second map. Proceed to a large room at (G-7).
  • Examine the ??? in the pool of water, then the ??? towards the middle of the room for the KeyItem.pngStalactite dew. If you do not check the second ??? quickly enough, you will have to try again.
  • Speak to Balasiel again to complete the quest.
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