A Knight's Test

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A Knight's Test
Required Fame San d'Oria Fame Level: Unknown
Starting NPC Balasiel, Southern San d'Oria (F-7)
Pack None
Title Tried and Tested Knight
Repeatable No
Description Solve the riddle of the task book.
Previous Quest Next Quest
A Squire's Test II None
Kite Shield
Ability to become a Paladin.


  • Speak to Balasiel, who will give you the KeyItem.pngBook of Tasks containing hints on how to proceed.
  • Speak to Cahaurme (J-9) to recieve KeyItem.pngBook of the East.
  • Speak to Baunise (H-9) to receive KeyItem.pngBook of the West.
  • Go to Davoi (E-10) and examine the Disused Well to receive KeyItem.pngKnight's soul.
    • To get there, follow the river to the west from (J-10), going south at (D-8). Be mindful of Orcish Farkillers on the top of the ledge that can aggro even at level 75. Pugils in the river will aggro to sound for characters near level 30, so take proper precautions depending on your level.
  • Return to Balasiel to complete the quest.

Note: Make sure you have completed the two prerequisite quests:

  1. A Squire's Test
  2. A Squire's Test II
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