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General Notes


Yaanei or Gaja is the "elephant" piece from the ancient Indian game caturaṅga (Sanskrit चतुरङ्ग). Its movement varies between sources, but can move two squares in any diagonal direction (similar to the Alfil of Shatranj), one square forward or diagonally (similar to the Silver General of Shogi), or orthogonally (similar to the Rook of modern Chess). In general, its closest analogue to modern Chess would be the Bishop.

Type Arcana
Family Caturae
Job Black Mage
Class Boosted Notorious Monster
Detects True Sight


Listings by Zone
Zone Mob Information
  Abyssea - Attohwa
     Timed respawn
This NM resides at the top of the mountain that EVERYONE hates to climb....seek out the custom way to get up there!!!
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