Whence Blows the Wind

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Whence Blows the Wind
Required Fame Jeuno Fame Level: 1
Starting NPC Maat, Ru'Lude Gardens
Pack None
Title Sky Breaker
Repeatable No
Description Your innate limits can be pushed further by collecting the crests of the Orcs, the Quadav, and the Yagudo.
Previous Quest Next Quest
Atop the Highest Mountains Riding on the Clouds
  • Level 56+
  • KeyItem.pngOrcish crest
  • KeyItem.pngQuadav crest
  • KeyItem.pngYagudo crest
Krousis ring (once)

Ability to augment any Krousis ring by bringing it to Maat (Not a bug, it's a feature.)


  • Speak to Maat on a level 56+ job. He will ask you for three key items deep in the beastmen strongholds.
Zone Position Key Item
Monastic Cavern (J-6) KeyItem.pngOrcish crest
Qulun Dome (J-7) KeyItem.pngQuadav crest
Castle Oztroja (H-6) KeyItem.pngYagudo crest
  • To reach the Orcish crest, enter the Monastic Cavern from (H-11) in Davoi. Exit the Monastic Cavern at (I-8). To use the (J-9) entrance to Monastic Cavern, you will need a Crimson orb from Sedal-Godjal at (J-8) in Davoi (just north of the Wall of Banishing).
    • After talking to Sedal-Godjal, proceed to and touch the Wall of Banishing to the south at (J-9), then return to him to get the KeyItem.pngWhite orb.
    • From there, head to and touch the ponds at (H-10), (L-9), (E-8) and (H-6).
    • After each pond, the orb will turn into a darker orb color. KeyItem.pngPink orb > KeyItem.pngRed orb > KeyItem.pngBlood orb. Touching the 4th pond will grant the KeyItem.pngCursed orb, and you will have Curse inflicted on you. This can be removed normally via a Holy Water or Cursna or a job ability like Healing Waltz.
    • Return to Sedal-Godjal to get the final KeyItem.pngCrimson orb.
    • After obtaining the KeyItem.pngCrimson orb, return to the Wall of Banishing you were previously at in Davoi at (J-9).
      • Once inside Monastic Cavern, to get to the ??? at (J-6), stick to the west wall to avoid true-sight Notorious Monsters. The west wall leads to a tunnel where the ??? is straight ahead. Be sure to not fall over the ledge, if you do you'll end up having to run the entire paths in Davoi and Monastic Cavern again.
  • To reach the Quadav crest, enter the underground part of Beadeaux via the tunnel entrance at (K-6) then head to the entrance to Qulun Dome at (M-8). One true-sound NM Ruby Quadav guards the first room, and can either be when it is on the far side of the room, or can be pulled to the zone line and slept so that the sleeper and rezone to shed aggro and run through the door before it reawakens. Inside the main room, hug the south wall to avoid several other true-sound NMs to reach the ??? spot.
  • To reach the Yagudo crest, you must reach the fourth floor of Castle Oztroja and drop down the trap door after entering the correct three password combination. (Floor 1- (J-8), Floor 2- (G-9), Floor 3- (H-11)). You must open the Brass Door at (H-7) by lighting one of the torches in the rooms at (G-7), (G-8), (H-7), or (H-8). It is advised that one person open the door while another runs in to use the lever to open it for the person who lit the crest. (Although someone with movement speed can light the torch and make it to the door provided the path is free of Yagudos). To use the trap door, you must get passwords at (H-9) on the first floor, (H-9) in the basement, and (I-8) on the second floor. (You can also attempt to guess the passwords if you have a list, but you will be locked out after several attempts.) The passwords change every day, so it is wise to start your ascent of the castle as close to midnight as possible, getting the first and last passwords as you go past the doors leaving only one password to guess. When you drop down, you will find a courtyard to the north, the ??? spot is on the first platform. A true-sight NM named Yagudo High Priest stands nearly on top of the ??? spot, so you must either be patient for it to move in the correct spot, or have someone capable of using Elemental Seal and Sleepga to sleep the NM and any other Yagudos near it that would aggro.
  • Speak to Maat once you have all three key items to complete the quest.


If you are level 99 doing this quest almost nothing will aggro you besides the buffed NMs and the mobs that drops the testimony items.

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