The Fanged One

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The Fanged One
Required Fame Windurst Fame Level: Unknown
Starting NPC Perih Vashai , Windurst Woods (K-7)
Pack None
Title None
Repeatable No
Description In order to become a truly great hunter, one must be accepted by mother nature. In order for that to happen, one must gain the fang of a tiger, the fanged king. But it does not sound like any old fang will do...
Previous Quest Next Quest
None None


  • Speak to Perih Vashai in Windurst Woods at (K-7).
  • Travel to Sauromugue Champaign and find the cave at (L-10).
    • To get there, go north up the cliff at (L-8).
  • Examine the Tiger Bones in the cave to spawn the Old Sabertooth and watch it die naturally, a process which takes approximately three agonizing earth minutes.
  • Once the Old Sabertooth dies naturally, examine the Tiger Bones for the KeyItem.pngOld tiger's fang.
    • If you fight or otherwise disturb the Old Sabertooth you will not be able to get the KeyItem.pngOld tiger's fang.
    • If you do not click the Tiger Bones in a reasonable amount of time after death, you will have to click on the Tiger Bones and watch it die naturally again.
    • You must be within range of the mob to be able to watch the Old Sabertooth die, this means you need to be within 30 yalms of the mob at the time of death.
  • Return to Perih Vashai to complete the quest.


  • You need to have at least one free inventory space to receive the Ranger's Necklace and subsequently allow for the Ranger job to be unlocked.
    • If you don't have a free inventory space when you talk to Perih Vashai (after obtaining the KeyItem.pngOld tiger's fang), free up at least one inventory space and then talk to Perih Vashai again to obtain the Ranger's Necklace and for the job to be successfully unlocked.
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