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General Notes


The teugghia is, in Italian folklore, a fairy who was banished from the fairy kingdom for her malfeasance. The right side of her body is young and graceful in appearance while her left side is old and ugly in appearance. The same goes for her outfit, nice clothes on the right side and rags on the left side.

Pixie 2.jpg
Type Elementals
Family Pixie
Job White Mage
Class Boosted Notorious Monster
Crystal Wind Crystal icon.png Wind Crystal


Listings by Zone
Zone Mob Information
  Abyssea - Grauberg
     Trade a Naiad's Lock and Unseelie Eye to the ??? at (G-5), on the east side of the boundary line with (F-5), on the south edge of the northern water-filled pit, north-east of Conflux #8.
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