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General Notes
  • Boosted Notorious Monster
  • This NM must be defeated for players to be able to reforge Empyrean (AF3) armor with Prishe in Abyssea - Empyreal Paradox
  • Abyssea - Empyreal Paradox is accessed via the Transcendental Radiance at (F-7) in Qufim Island
    • Use Qufim Island Home Point #1 or the Qufim Island Survival Guide or use the outpost warp to Qufim Island then make your way to (F-7)
  • Upon defeat, each member of the entire party/alliance that defeated this NM has a low-chance possibility of obtaining the following keyitem(s):


Shinryu (神竜, しんりゅう Shinryū lit. "Divine Dragon"), also translated as Lord Dragon, Dragon Lord, or Nova Dragon, is a recurring boss in the Final Fantasy series.

Shinryu is the Japanese on'yomi name for Shénlóng, lit. "god/divine dragon", an important ancient dragon in Chinese mythology.

Shinryu (FFXI).png
Type Dragons
Family Supreme Being
Class Boosted Notorious Monster


Listings by Zone
Zone Mob Information
  Abyssea - Empyreal Paradox
     Trade a Scholar Stone to the Transcendental Radiance in Abyssea - Empyreal Paradox

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