Rw Nw Prt M Hrw

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General Notes


"Rw nw prt m hrw" is the transliterated name of the ancient Egyptian "Book of Coming Forth by Day"--also known as the Egyptian "Book of the Dead"--a traditional funerary work that was expanded upon across several dynastic periods.

The various hieroglyphs describe the path for the dead pharaoh to take to ascend in the afterlife to their position amongst the Egyptian gods. Some 192 chapters, or spells, constitute the work and illustrate such rites as the removal of earthly constraints (such as the need for air or food) and the final weighing of the heart in judgement by Ma'at.

Rw Nw Prt M Hrw
Type Arcana
Family Grimoire
Class Voidwatch Notorious Monster


Listings by Zone
Zone Mob Information
  East Sarutabaruta
     Voidwatch Path: White IV
      Rift Location(s): (G-11)

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