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General Notes

Getting There

  • From the Ilrusi Atoll Staging Point, on Map 2, head to (D-10) and cross over to Map 3.
    • Proceed to (F-9) and then hang a right. Head down the ramp at the boat and follow the outside of the map up to the spawn location at (G-6).


According to the ancient Egyptian story of creation; Nuhn was the Sea of Chaos from which a latent power (demiurge) stirred, causing the first mound of creation (earth) to arise from Nuhn. A field of reeds grew upon the earth, marking the beginning of creation.

Family Orobon
Job Question
Class Zeni Notorious Monster
Crystal Water Crystal icon.png Water Crystal
Detects Question


Listings by Zone
Zone Mob Information
  Arrapago Reef
     Spawned by trading a Rose Scampi to the ??? at (G-6) (Map 3) .

Ability Information

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