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  • NW Apollyon is a subsection of the Apollyon zone in the Limbus region.
  • Required items: KeyItem.pngCosmo-Cleanse and KeyItem.pngRed Card
  • It is reached via Teleport-Dem crag entrance to Al'Taieu.
    • May also be reached via Homepoint #2 (Lumoria region, Al'Taieu map).
  • The first four floors have 3 Time chests (5 minutes each), 1 Items chest and 1 Restore chest.
  • The fifth floor only has an Items chest.
  • You can open all chests as soon as you find them (so you can use your 2-hours on all bosses).
  • The Time chests and Restore chest are always out. The Items chest is dropped by the level boss.
  • The level bosses are weakened by killing all of the lesser mobs.
  • Typical Ancient Beastcoin yield: 45-55 (without Treasure Hunter)
  • It is not necessary to defeat the Floor Boss to progress to the next level. One of regular mobs will unlock the portal to the next floor.
  • Reward for completion: Magenta Chip

First Floor

  • Enemies: Bardha x7 (Ghosts)
    • Drops Ancient Beastcoins
    • About 8250 HP.
    • Susceptible to Sleep, Gravity and Bind.
    • Large aggro range to low HP.
    • Links with other Bardha.
    • Can casts Tier III -ga spells
  • Boss: Pluto (Doomed)
    • Can be slept with some difficulty.
    • Susceptible to Gravity and Bind.
    • About 11,000 HP
  • Items chest has 2 Ancient Beastcoins and 0-1 AF+1 material.

Second Floor

  • Enemies: Mountain Buffalo x7 (Buffalo)
    • Can drop Ancient Beastcoins
    • About 9000 HP.
    • Immune to Lullaby/Light Shot.
    • Susceptible to Sleep, Gravity and Bind.
    • Links with other Mountain Buffalo.
    • Unlike normal Buffaloes, these cannot be Aspired.
  • Boss: Zlatorog (Rams)
    • Will use Mighty Strikes multiple times.
    • Immune to Lullaby and Light Shot.
    • Susceptible to Sleep, Gravity and Bind.
  • Items chest has 2 Ancient Beastcoins and 0-1 AF+1 material.

Third Floor

  • Enemies: Apollyon Scavenger x7 (Bugards)
    • Can drop Ancient Beastcoins
    • About 4750 HP.
    • Susceptible to Sleep, Gravity and Bind.
    • Immune to Lullaby/Light Shot.
    • Links with other Apollyon Scavenger.
  • Boss: Millenary Mossback (Adamantoise)
    • Does not use Draw In.
    • Very high defense. About 19,000 HP
    • Typically takes 1/2 damage from Blizzard, 1/3 damage from Thunder
  • Items chest has an AF+1 material, and 0-2 crafting items (Adaman Ore, Clot Plasma, Darksteel Sheet, Darksteel Ore, Oxblood, Light Steel, Rainbow Thread, Shell Powder) and approx. 5 Ancient Beastcoins (not all the time).

Fourth Floor

  • Enemies: Gorynich x5 (Wyverns)
    • Drops 2 Ancient Beastcoins.
    • About 5000 HP.
    • Resistant to Lullaby.
    • Susceptible to Sleep, Gravity and Bind.
    • Very strong against Fire based attacks and magic.
  • Boss: Cynoprosopi (Wyrm)
    • Weaker version of Fafnir (About 15,000 HP), standing on front paws is recommended.
    • Horrid Roar dispels one effect.
    • Dragon Breath and Hurricane Wing do under 300 damage.
    • Very high defense. Takes full damage from Thunder. As a fire based mob, it is very resistant to Blizzard. Aero works fine.
    • If you fight near the Restore chest, you can open it mid-fight if you run into trouble.
    • Very difficult unless you kill all the Wyverns first. Run along the west edge to avoid premature aggro.
    • Killable by 1 BLM casting Gravity, kiting and nuking him. Gravity lands easily without Elemental Seal.
  • Items chest has 7-9 Ancient Beastcoins and 0-1 AF+1 materials.

Fifth Floor

  • Enemies: Kronprinz Behemoth x3 (Behemoths)
    • Has alliance hate. Will target everybody until they're dead.
    • Links with other Kronprinz Behemoth and Kaiser Behemoth.
    • Drops 5-6 Ancient Beastcoins.
    • Immune to Stun.
    • Resistant to Bind and Sleep.
    • Susceptible to Gravity.
    • About 7000 HP.
  • Boss: Kaiser Behemoth (Behemoth)
    • Has alliance hate. Will target everybody until they're dead.
    • Weaker version of King Behemoth (About 15,000 HP).
    • Does not have additional effect: Stun on his melee attacks.
    • Meteor does just under 1000 damage to everyone in a huge area. The target should run out of range so his casting fails.
      • Meteor takes 5 seconds to cast, so it should be possible for melees to run out of range as long as they aren't stunned from Thunderbolt.
    • Kick Out does up to 900 damage; only used if someone by his tail gets hate.
    • Immune to Gravity, Stun and Sleep.
    • Nearly all elements are good on the Kaiser Behemoth, however resistance builds up as multiple spells are cast on him.
  • The final chest has 5 Ancient Beastcoins, 2-3 AF+1 materials, the Magenta Chip, and a chance of a Metal Chip.

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