Limbus Moogle

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Limbus Moogle.jpg
Location: Port Jeuno - (I-9)
Type: Vendor
Description: One of many Vana'diel shopkeepers, this cheery Moogle sells Limbus materials used for upgrading your Artifact Armor to its +1 version! He knows your time is valuable and will only list materials that you can use for your current job! He's a stinky Moogle, always smells a bit fishy, make sure you have some "detergent" before you try and talk to him. You won't even be able to view his shop if you don't already know how to swim in the Sea!!

The name of this Moogle will display in-game as NPC unless you have the HomepointXI renamer file and the Renamer addon for:

Browse his merchandise below:

Item Name Price (gil) Conditions
Ancient Beastcoin 50,000
Ecarlate Cloth 500,000 WAR Only
Argyro Rivet 500,000
Ut. Gold Thread 500,000 MNK Only
Ancient Brass 500,000
Benedict Silk 500,000 WHM Only
Benedict Yarn 500,000
Diabolic Silk 500,000 BLM Only
Diabolic Yarn 500,000
Ruby Silk Thread 500,000 RDM Only
Cardinal Cloth 500,000
Supple Skin 500,000 THF Only
Light Filament 500,000
Snowy Cermet 500,000 PLD Only
White Rivet 500,000
Dark Orichalcum 500,000 DRK Only
Black Rivet 500,000
Smalt Leather 500,000 BST Only
Fetid Lanolin 500,000
Coiled Yarn 500,000 BRD Only
Brown Doeskin 500,000
Chameleon Yarn 500,000 RNG Only
Charcoal Cotton 500,000
Scarlet Odoshi 500,000 SAM Only
Kurogane 500,000
Plaited Cord 500,000 NIN Only
Ebony Lacquer 500,000
Cbl. Myth. Sheet 500,000 DRG Only
Blue Rivet 500,000
Glittering Yarn 500,000 SMN Only
Astral Leather 500,000
Luminian Thread 500,000 BLU Only
Flameshun Cloth 500,000
Silkworm Thread 500,000 COR Only
Canvas Toile 500,000
Pantin Wire 500,000 PUP Only
Corduroy Cloth 500,000
Filet Lace 500,000 DNC Only
Gold Stud 500,000
Brilliantine 500,000 SCH Only
Electrum Stud 500,000
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