Lakeside Minuet

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Lakeside Minuet
Required Fame Jeuno Fame Level: 1
Starting NPC Laila, Upper Jeuno (G-7)
Pack Wings of the Goddess
Title Troupe Brilioth Dancer
Repeatable No
Description Laila has asked that you bring her a stardust pebble before she'll consider allowing you to join Troupe Brilioth.
Previous Quest Next Quest
None None
KeyItem.pngStardust pebble
Ability to become a Dancer


  • Speak with Laila to begin the quest.
    • You must choose "I surely do" and then "never" to continue.
  • She will then ask for a KeyItem.pngStardust pebble.
  • Speak with the mithran dancer, Rhea Myuliah, next to her.
    • If you speak to Laila and Rhea Myuliah answers, continue on to the next step.
  • Head to Lion Springs Tavern at (K-6) in Southern San d'Oria and speak to Valderotaux at the bar to 'dance'. You can select any options, the outcome is the same.
  • Return to Rhea Myuliah in Upper Jeuno to discover what the pebbles are.
  • Travel to the past and go to (I-5) in Jugner Forest (S).
  • Touch the glowing pebbles for a cutscene and the KeyItem.pngStardust pebble, and then return to Laila afterwards to finish unlocking the Dancer job.


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