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General Notes

Voidwatch Notorious Monster (Voidwatch Chapter II, Jeuno, Tier III)


Cagn (also known as Kaggen) is the supreme god of the Bushmen of southern Africa. He is the first being and the creator of the world. Cagn is a trickster who is able to shape shift into the form of any animal. He is most frequently represented as a praying mantis but also takes the form of a bull eland, a louse, a snake, and a caterpillar. His wife, Coti, is represented as a marmot or a cape hyrax and is known as the mother of bees. Their adopted daughter is represented as a porcupine.

Type Vermin
Family Mantid
Class Voidwatch NM


Listings by Zone
Zone Mob Information
  Qufim Island
     Voidwatch Path: White III
      Rift Location(s): (I-7)

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