Gurfurlur the Menacing

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General Notes

Getting There

Below are the quickest methods to reach the NM. If you don't have access to either of these methods, your best approach would be to ask a fellow player in game if you can warp to them (at either of the below starting locations) via use of a Nexus Cape.

Home Point method
  • The quickest way here is to use the Home Point #1 warp to Mount Zhayolm (near the Navukgo Execution Chamber).
  • Then head south and east to the entrance into Halvung at (E-9).
Staging Point method
  • If you haven't obtained this Home Point but have the Halvung Staging Point, you would need to head west from the Staging Point across Mount Zhayolm to the entrance into Halvung at (G-7).
  • This will place you at (F-7) on Map 2 of Halvung.
  • From here, head west to (E-7) to zone back out to Mount Zhayolm.
  • Head west then south to the entrance into Halvung at (E-9).
    • On this step in the south-ward path to the (E-9) entrance into Halvung, you can obtain Home Point #1 at (D-8).

NOTE: For either of the above methods, there will be a T-intersection at (D-9). At this intersection, you need to head north to reach the correct entrance into Halvung at (E-9)

  • In Halvung (thru use of either above method), you'll be at (D-9) on Map 2 of Halvung.
  • From here, head in a north-east direction (no keys are needed to open gates/doors in Halvung here on HomepointXI server) until you reach an ascending ramp at (I-8).
  • Ascend the ramp and continue south and east to (K-9).
  • At (K-9), head south to the Decorative Bronze Gate at (K-10). This is the entrance into the room in which Gurfurlur the Menacing resides.
Gurfurlur the Menacing
Type Beastmen
Family Troll
Job Monk
Class Boosted Notorious Monster
Crystal Earth Crystal icon.png Earth Crystal
Detects True Sight


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