Father and Son

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Father and Son
Required Fame San d'Oria Fame Level: 1
Starting NPC Ailbeche, Northern San d'Oria (J-9)
Pack None
Title Lost Child Officer
Repeatable No
Description A child stands crying in the Parade Grounds. Find his father for him.
Previous Quest Next Quest
None Sharpening the Sword
Level 10 and up
Willow Fish. Rod


  • Talk to Ailbeche to start the quest.
  • Ailbeche's father, Exoroche, can be found in Southern San d'Oria at (K-7) in Helbort's Blade. Talk to him for a cutscene.
  • Return to Ailbeche and talk to him again. You'll receive the willow fishing rod as reward.
    • In order to active the Paladin AF Weapon quest, Sharpening the Sword, it's necessary to trade back the fishing rod to Ailbeche. Doing so will also change your title to Family Counselor.
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