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Song ID Name Used for
40 Cloister of Time and Souls CS
41 Royal Wanderlust Cait Sith Theme
42 Snowdrift Waltz Xarcabard [S]
43 Troubled Shadows Castle Zvahl Baileys [S]/Castle Zvahl Keep [S]
44 Where Lords Rule Not La Vaule [S]/Beadeaux [S]/Castle Oztroja [S]
45 Summers Lost CS
46 Goddess Divine WotG Final Battle
47 Echoes of Creation ACP Final Battle
48 Main Theme CS
49 Luck of the Mog AMK Final Battle
50 Feast of the Ladies ASA Final Battle
51 Scarlet Skies, Shadowed Plains Abyssea
52 Melodies Errant Battle (Abyssea zones)
53 Shinryu Shinryu
54 Everlasting Bonds CS
55 Provenance Watcher Provenance Watcher Battle
56 Where it All Begins Provenance
57 Steel Sings, Blades Dance Battle (Seekers zones)
58 A New Direction Title Screen 5 (Seekers)
59 The Pioneers Western Adoulin
60 Into Lands Primeval Yahse Hunting Grounds/Ceizak Battlegrounds/Foret de Hennetiel/Morimar Basalt Fields/Marjami Ravine
61 Water's Umbral Knell Rala Waterways/Yorcia Weald
62 Keepers of the Wild Wildkeeper Reive, Seekers instances
63 The Sacred City of Adoulin Eastern Adoulin/Celennia Memorial Library
64 Breaking Ground Colonization Reive
65 Hades CS
66 Arciela CS
67 Mog Resort Mog Garden
68 Worlds Away CS
69 ? CS
70 Monstrosity Monstrosity
71 The Pioneers (Piano) CS
72 The Divine Kamihr Drifts
73 The Serpentine Labyrinth Outer Ra'Kaznar
74 Clouds Over Ulbuka Balamor's theme song
75 The Price Adoulin Final Battle
76 Forever Today Adoulin Ending Song
77 Unused ID Unused ID
78 Forever Today (EP. Ver - Instrumental) Adoulin Ending Song
79 ? Reisenjima, Rhapsodies CS music
80 ? Escha Zi'Tah, Escha Ru'Aun
81 Isle of the Gods Rhapsodies final boss
82 Wail of the Void Rhapsodies finale
83 Rhapsodies of Vana'diel Ending Song
84 Unknown name Mount riding music
101 Battle Theme Battle (solo, outdoor, )
102 Battle in the Dungeon #2 Battle (party, dungeon, original zones)
103 Battle Theme #2 Battle (party, outdoor, )
104 A Road Once Travelled CS
105 Mhaura Mhaura
106 Voyager Boats to/from Selbina/Mhaura
107 The Kingdom of San d'Oria Southern San dOria/Northern San dOria/Port San dOria
108 Van'diel March Title Screen (Original+Zilart)
109 Ronfaure East/West Ronfaure
110 The Grand Duchy of Jeuno Upper/Lower/Port Jeuno
111 Blackout Death
112 Selbina Selbina
113 Sarutabaruta East/West Sarutabaruta
114 Batallia Batallia Downs
115 Battle in the Dungeon Battle (solo, dungeon, original zones)
116 Gustaberg North/South Gustaberg
117 Re'Lude Gardens RuLude Gardens
118 Rolanberry Fields Rolanberry Fields
119 Awakening Dynamis-Xarcabard / Shadow Lord fight
120 Vana'diel March #2 Nation Selection
121 Shadow Lord Dynamis Zones
122 One Last Time CS
123 Hopelessness CS
124 Recollection CS
125 Tough Battle BCNM (original)
126 Mog House Mog House
127 Anxiety CS
128 Airship Airship
129 Hook, Line and Sinker Fishing
130 Tarutaru Female Character Creation - Taru Female
131 Elvaan Female Character Creation - Elvaan Female
132 Elvaan Male Character Creation - ELvaan Male
133 Hume Male Character Creation - Hume Male
134 Yuhtunga Jungle Yuhtunga/Yhoator Jungle
135 Kazham Kazham
136 The Big One Fishing
137 A Realm of Emptiness CoP Final Boss
138 Mercenaries' Delight Battle (party, Outdoor, Aht Urhgan Zones)
139 Delve Battle (party, indoor, Aht Urhgan Zones)
140 Wings of the Goddess Title Screen 4 (WotG)
141 The Cosmic Wheel West Sarutabaruta [S]
142 Fated Strife Besieged
143 Hellriders Einherjar
144 Rapid Onslaught Assault
145 Encampment Dreams CS
146 The Colosseum Pankration
147 Eastward Bound Boats to/from Nashmau/Al Zahbi
148 Forbidden Seal Nyzul Isle/Salvage
149 Jeweled Boughs Wajaom Woodlands/Bhaflau Thickets
150 Ululations from Beyond Arrapago Reef
151 The Federation of Windurst Windurst Waters/Walls/Woods/Port
152 The Republic of Bastok Bastok Mines/Markets/Port
153 Prelude CS
154 Metalworks Metalworks
155 Castle Zvahl Castle Zvahl Baileys/Castle Zvahl Keep/Throne Room
156 Chateau d'Oraguille Chateau dOraguille
157 Fury CS
158 Sauromugue Champaign Sauromugue Champaign
159 Sorrow CS
160 Repression (Memoro) CS
161 Despair (Memoro) CS
162 Heavens Tower Heavens Tower
163 Sometime, Somewhere CS
164 Xarcabard Xarcabard
165 Galka Character Creation - Galka
166 Mithra Character Creation - Mithra
167 Tarutaru Male Character Creation - Taru Male
168 Tarutaru Female Character Creation - Hume Female
169 Regeneracy CS
170 Buccaneers Pirate Attacks
171 Altepa Desert Eastern/Western Altepa Desert
172 Black Coffin The Ashu Talif
173 Illusions in the Mist Caedarva Mire
174 Whispers of the Gods Aydeewa Subterrane
175 Bandits' Market Nashmau
176 Circuit de Chocobo Chocobo Circuit
177 Run Chocobo, Run! ???
178 Bustle of the Capital Al Zahbi/Aht Urhgan Whitegate
179 Vana'diel March #4 Title Screen 3 (ToAU)
180 Thunder of the March Bastok Markets [S]
181 ? Chocobo (short)
182 Stargazing Windurst Waters [S]
183 A Puppet's Slumber Aphmau's Theme
184 Eternal Gravestone Luzaf's Theme
185 Ever-turning Wheels CS
186 Iron Colossus Odin's Theme
187 Ragnarok Alexander's Theme
188 Choc-a-bye Baby CS
189 An Invisible Crown CS
190 The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah
191 Battle Theme #3 Battle (party, outdoor, zilart zone)
192 Battle in the Dungeon #3 Battle (party, dungeon, zilart zone)
193 Tough Battle #2 BCNM (Zilart)
194 Bloody Promises CS
195 Belief Eald'narche (Phase 2)
196 Fighters of the Crystal Ark angels/Divine Might
197 To the Heavens CS
198 Eald'narche CS and Eald'narche (Phase 1)
199 Grav'iton CS
200 Hidden Truths CS
201 End Theme Zilart Ending CS
202 Moongate (Memoro) CS / Memoria de la Stona
203 ? ???
204 ? ???
205 ? CS (Memoria de la Stona?)
206 ? CS
207 Ve'Lugannon Palace VeLugannon Palace/The Shrine of RuAvitau
208 Rabao Rabao
209 Norg Norg
210 Ru'Aun Gardens RuAun Gardens
211 Ro'Maeve RoMaeve
212 Dash de Chocobo Chocobo (long)
213 Hall of the Gods Hall of the Gods
214 Eternal Oath Wedding Music
215 Clash of Standards Battle (party, outdoor, WotG zones)
216 On This Blade Battle (party, dungeon, WotG zones)
217 Kindred Cry Spitewardens theme (CS and WotG BCNMs)
218 Depths of the Soul Battle (party, dungeon, CoP zones)
219 Onslaught Battle (party, outdoor, CoP zones)
220 Turmoil BCNM (CoP)
221 Moblin Menagerie Oldton/Newton Movalpolos
222 Faded Memories Promyvion-Holla/Dem/Mea/Vahzl
223 March of the Hero Conflict
224 Dusk and Dawn Promathia Battle
225 Words Unspoken PsoXja
226 You Want to Live Forever Conflict
227 Sunbreeze Shuffle Summer Festival
228 Gates of Paradise The Garden of RuHmet
229 Currents of Time Phanauet Channel/Manaclipper
230 A New Horizon Lufaise Meadows/Misareaux Coast
231 Celestial Thunder CS
232 The Ruler of the Skies Bahamut's Theme
233 The Celestial Capital Al'Taieu
234 Happily Ever After CS
235 Nocturne of the Gods CS
236 Clouded Dawn CS
237 Memoria de la Stona CS
238 A New Morning CS
239 Starlight Celebration Christmas in Jeuno
240 Distant Promises CS
241 A Time for Prayer CS
242 Unity Title Screen #2 (CoP)
243 ? CS
244 ? CS
245 The Forgotten City Tavnazian Safehold/Sealions Den
246 March of the Allied Forces CS
247 Roar of the Battle Drums Campaign Battle
248 Young Griffons in Flight CS
249 Run maggot, run! Ghoyu's Reverie, Everbloom Hollow, Ruhotz Silvermines
250 Under a Clouded Moon CS
251 Autumn Footfalls East Ronfaure [S]
252 Flowers on the Battlefield Batallia Downs [S]/Rolanberry Fields [S]/Sauromugue Champaign [S]
253 Echoes of a Zephyr North Gustaberg [S]
254 Griffons Never Die Southern San dOria [S]
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