Experimental Lamia

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General Notes

Getting There

  • If you are helping kill this ZNM (but don't have Ilrusi Atoll Staging Point or a Nexus cape ready for use but DO have Dvucca Isle Staging Point), this can be reached by going through the portion of Arrapago Reef with the Cutter (Map 3). The popper will have to pull the ZNM down the hill so you can fight it.
    • Start at Dvucca Isle Staging Point.
    • Head west and enter Arrapago Reef at (F-9).
  • In Map 3 of Arrapago Reef, head north to (H-6), where you'll zone back out to Caedarva Mire.
  • Head north and wait at the cliff at (F-7/G-7) for the popper to pop the ZNM and pull it down to you.

If you are the popper of this ZNM DON'T FOLLOW THE ABOVE PATH, follow the below path.

  • Start at the Ilrusi Atoll Staging Point, which is on Map 2 of Arrapago Reef.
    • Head west and south to (D-10) and cross over to Map 3 of Arrapago Reef.
    • Head in a west direction to (F-9), where you turn right and head north.
    • Proceed thru the Iron Gate, turn right and head east until you go through another Iron Gate at (I-8).
    • Take the path onto the ship, head north off the ship and then continue heading north to another Iron Gate at (G-7).
    • Head west to (F-6) where you'll zone out to Caedarva Mire (Map 2).
    • Make your way down the first drop off to the ??? at (F-7).
Experimental Lamia
Lamia 1 - 2.jpg
Type Beastmen
Family Lamiae
Job Corsair
Class Zeni Notorious Monster
Crystal Water Crystal icon.png Water Crystal
Detects Question


Listings by Zone
Zone Mob Information
  Caedarva Mire
     Trade a Myrrh to the ??? at (F-7)

Ability Information

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