Central Temenos - 2nd Floor

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  • Central Temenos - 2nd Floor is a subsection of the Temenos zone in the Limbus region.
  • It is reached via the Teleport-Holla crag entrance to Al'Taieu.
    • May also be reached via Homepoint #1 (Lumoria region, Al'Taieu map).
  • Enter by trading a Scarlet Chip to the Matter Diffusion Module in Temenos.
  • Cosmo-Cleanse and White Card key items are required for entry.
  • 45 minute limit, no extensions.
  • There is only one level, and only one chest (Items).
  • Typical Ancient Beastcoin yield: 40
  • Reward for completion: Cerulean Chip


  • Fire Elemental
    • Additional Effect: Plague
  • Water Elemental
    • Additional Effect: Poison
  • Thunder Elemental
    • Additional Effect: Stun
  • Earth Elemental
    • Additional Effect: Petrify
  • Air Elemental
    • Additional Effect: Silence
  • Ice Elemental
    • Additional Effect: Paralyze
  • Light Elemental x2
    • Additional Effect: Flash
    • Susceptible to Sleep, though they often wake up early without Elemental Seal
  • Mystic Avatar (Carbuncle)
    • Susceptible to Magic Finale and Requiem even though mob is light-elemental.
    • High Evasion, sushi or Madrigal recommended.
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