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General Notes


in Abenaki mythology, Awahondo are feared spiritual wasps which sting causes the spirit/soul to be corrupted, so when the victim dies the spirit will break free from the body and become a mindless puppet for the Awahondo that created it. Because of this ability Awahondo are often followed around by simple ghost minions, they can also summon them in battle. Some stung victims who survive the attack of the Awahondo can live their full lives but when their death finally comes the spirit will still be cursed, there is no cure for this curse, the only way to survive it is to stay alive for as long as possible and hope the Awahondo gets killed in battle so the curse ends.

Diremite 2.jpg
Type Vermin
Family Diremite
Job Dark Knight
Class Boosted Notorious Monster
Crystal Wind Crystal icon.png Wind Crystal
Detects True Sound


Listings by Zone
Zone Mob Information
  Abyssea - Uleguerand
     Timed respawn
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