Sea Jailers

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Sea Jailers
Positions and pop conditions may vary slightly!
Happy Hunting and Good Luck!


Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi

Ix'aern (MNK)


Jailer of Temperance


The Garden of Ru'Hmet

Ix'aern (DRK)


Ix'aern (DRG)


Jailer of Faith


Jailer of Fortitude



Jailer of Justice


Jailer of Hope


Jailer of Prudence


Jailer of Love


Absolute Virtue


Vices, Sins, Auras

All Vices, Sins, and Auras received from the above NMs may be traded to Meret in Tavnazian Safehold once the quest In The Name of Science is completed. The items received from Meret do not differ from retail in any way.

Jailer Torques

The torques that drop off the jailers are the retail version but can be traded to Sueleen in Sea Lions Den for an augmented version. Please be aware that these currently are static augments. When we release our custom augment system you can re-obtain the original retail version in hopes of creating something more to your suiting.

Torque Name Static Augments Drops from
Temperance Torque Weapon Skill Damage +5% Charm +5 Double Attack +4% Jailer of Temperance
Faith Torque Weapon Skill Damage +5% Counter +5% Subtle Blow +7 Jailer of Faith
Fortitude Torque Weapon Skill Damage +5% Damage Taken -3% Regen +1 Jailer of Fortitude
Justice Torque Weapon Skill Damage +5% Zanshin +5% Triple Attack +2% Jailer of Justice
Hope Torque Weapon Skill Damage +5% Ranged Attack +14 Dual Wield +3 Jailer of Hope
Prudence Torque Weapon Skill Damage +5% Magic Attack Bonus +7 Refresh +2 Jailer of Prudence
Love Torque Weapon Skill Damage +5% Triple Attack +3% Critical Hit Rate +2% Jailer of Love
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