Melee Attire Set +1

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Were you looking for Melee Attire Set +1 or Melee Attire Set +2?

Melee Attire Set +1
Melee Attire Set +1
(Monk only)
Level 75
Melee Crown +1
DEF:24 HP+5% STR'+6 Enmity-4
"Subtle Blow"+6
Melee Cyclas +1
DEF:45 HP+6% VIT+6
Adds "Regen" effect
HP recovered while healing +6
Melee Gloves +1
DEF:16 HP+3% Attack+18
"Subtle Blow"+5
Enhances "Chakra" effect
Melee Hose +1
DEF:32 HP+6% AGI+5
"Kick Attacks"+5
"Subtle Blow"+6
Melee Gaiters +1
DEF:16 HP+4% DEX+5
Guarding skill +14
Enhances "Counterstance" effect
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