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Gaining Zeni

Zeni is used purchase the pop items to fight ZNMs. Zeni is obtained from Ryo in Aht Urhgan Whitegate at (E-8). He will provide Zeni in exchange for Gil at a rate of 1 Zeni for every 10 Gil.

Using Zeni

Zeni is used to purchase pop items, often these pop items require specific key items in order to purchase. The amount of Zeni that a pop item costs varies with the tier of ZNM (higher tiers cost more Zeni).

  • Teir 1 - 1000 Zeni
  • Teir 2 - 2000 Zeni
  • Teir 3 - 3000 Zeni
  • Teir 4 - 4000 Zeni
  • Teir 5 - 5000 Zeni

To purchase any Tier II pop item, a Tier I monster in the given path needs to be defeat and that trophy item needs to be turned in to obtain the key item. This repeats for the higher tiers, Tier IV and Tier V need 3 key items to purchase the pop item. Use the flow chart below to find out which key item is needed to purchase the next tier's pop item.

After defeating a ZNM, a "trophy" item bearing the defeated ZNM's name is dropped. It can be taken back to Sanraku, who will give you a colored seal key item in return. The seals allow the bearer to purchase a higher tier item from Sanraku (Zeni is still required for purchase) for a one-time chance at defeating the higher tier ZNM. These are temporary key items and once you purchase a pop item from Sanraku for a higher tier ZNM, the lower tier seal is lost. For example: If you kill Cheese Hoarder Gigiroon in Tier 1 you will get a Maroon Seal upon turning in Gigiroon's Cape; now you want to kill Iriz Ima in Tier 2. As soon as you purchase the pop item for Iriz Ima your Maroon Seal will be lost. In order to purchase another, you must turn in another trophy item that bestows a Maroon Seal.

ZNM Flow Chart

Mamool Ja Path Troll Path Lamia Path
Vulpangue Chamrosh Cheese Hoarder Gigiroon Brass Borer Claret Ob Velionis Chigre Lil' Apkallu
KeyItem.pngMaroon Seal KeyItem.pngCerise Seal KeyItem.pngPine Green Seal
Iriz Ima Lividroot Amooshah Iriri Samariri Anantaboga Dextrose Reacton Verdelet Wulgaru Zareehkl the Jubilant
KeyItem.pngApple Green Seal KeyItem.pngSalmon Seal KeyItem.pngAmber-Colored Seal
Armed Gears Gotoh Zha the Redolent Dea Achamoth Khromasoul Bhurborlor Nosferatu Experimental Lamia Mahjlaef the Paintorn Nuhn
KeyItem.pngCharcoal Grey Seal KeyItem.pngDeep Purple Seal KeyItem.pngChestnut-colored Seal KeyItem.pngCopper-colored Seal KeyItem.pngGold-Colored Seal KeyItem.pngPurplish-grey Seal KeyItem.pngTaupe-colored Seal KeyItem.pngFallow-colored Seal KeyItem.pngSienna-colored Seal
Tinnin Sarameya Tyger
KeyItem.pngLilac-colored Seal KeyItem.pngBright Blue Seal KeyItem.pngLavender-Colored Seal
Pandemonium Warden